3 Great Castles to visit in Ireland

Aside from the stunning natural beauty of the country itself, one of the things that make colorful Ireland such an amazing travel locale is its many ancient castles.  Many of these structures have been standing for centuries and have played host to an incredible number of historical events as well.  Similarly, each heritage site is surrounded by various cities and townships which are just as intriguing and enchanting as the more olden attractions.  Simply put, if you’re considering a trip to Ireland (in order to go “castle hopping” perhaps) you’re really in for quite a treat.

Anyway, while there are plenty of castles to choose from, here are 3 that you shouldn’t pass on visiting…

Carrickfergus castle


One of the things that make this Northern Ireland destination worthwhile is its relatively pristine medieval castle.  The fact of the matter is that there simply aren’t that many olden sites which are so well preserved like what you’ll find in Carrick.  The surrounding town is largely a mixture of older and more modern trimmings, which makes it an excellent “escape” destination.  Moreover, the region contains some really nice coastlines for those who enjoy marine excursions.

Kilkenny castle


Arguably, Kilkenny castle is one of the most amazing locales in the whole of Ireland.  Not only is it a wonderfully appointed estate that’s surrounded by some absolutely gorgeous countryside, it’s within distance of the wonderful tourist-friendly city of Kilkenny.  Simply put, Kilkenny is the type of city that offers visitors everything they could want and more in an Ireland getaway.  There are plenty of sights, songs, food, shops and shows to keep you busy, of course; but what makes Kilkenny so incredible is its interesting mixture of heritage and contemporary appointments.  For those who are really into Irish pubs you’ll be pleased to note that there are 60 some odd licensed establishments in the region, making it a great place for those with a taste for fun.  However, the main attraction continues to be Kilkenny castle with its big circular towers serving to outline the dimensions of the stately palace.

Cahir castle


Located near the Eastern side of the Galtee mountains lies Cahir castle.  This amazing estate is nestled in the middle of a small, attractive town and is truly a sight to behold.  Simply put, if you’re looking for a classic castle…you know, replete with a moat, towers and plenty of old-world charm, then look no further than Cahir castle.  Additionally, the town itself contains some very charming pubs and eateries and is perfect for those who are looking for a location that lends itself to travel and exploration by foot.  As far as the castle itself is concerned, it’s definitely one of Ireland’s best attractions, especially given its large size and immaculate condition.

Of course there are plenty of other amazing castles and towns one can visit when in Ireland, but the aforementioned three are arguable some of the best and most loved by visitors.  As always, if you’re planning a trip to Ireland, be sure to book in advance whenever possible and always check to make sure that heritage sites are going to be open while you’re there as well.


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