10 Reasons Why You Need a Broker When Buying a Boat

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Having a yacht broker will make your life easier. Buying a yacht is not as simple as buying a car. It is as meticulous and particular as buying a house and lot. It would require you to have a unique set of information and experience. It can be tricky if you have neither. If you have neither, you should simply opt to work with a yacht broker. A yacht broker works in a manner that real estate agents do. They are the ones that you can consult if you want to purchase a boat. They know the boating industry like the back of their hands. They can connect you to top yacht providers like Simpson Marine with no sweat. To following are the solid reasons why you should work with a broker when buying a boat:

Reason #1: You will have access to more options.

A yacht broker is well-connected in the industry. He or she will have access to the updated list of available pre-owned and brand-new boats that are not available to the public. You can simply consult with one and discuss the boat of your choice. Your broker will handle everything on your behalf and do extensive research on everything there is that you have to know about the boat. Not having one will have you waste so much time looking at ads on YachtWorld without knowing how to actually proceed with a purchase.

Reason #2: All your boating needs will be attended to.

A yacht broker will extensively work with you if you still have no idea when it comes to the boat you want to purchase. Your broker will listen to all your wants and needs. He or she will make a dedicated checklist of all the features that you’re looking for in a boat and will then provide you with a streamlined list of all available boats that match your preferences. They will tell you if the boat of your choice is the best one available in the market. They know the on-goings on the current market conditions and they can always look for the best possible deals.

Reason #3: You will have a competent guide when it comes to your financing options.

Buying a boat requires a serious amount of money. It’s a huge financial decision that is executed with the help of financial aid and insurance policies. Your yacht broker will be the one to help you with such. Your broker will help you to pre-qualify for a boat loan. He or she will also give you leverage come time for negotiating prices.

Reason #4: You will be fully guided when it comes to making an offer on a pre-owned boat.

The boating industry works differently. You will need to undergo a different process if you’re buying a pre-owned boat. Your broker will help you with this. You can be easily confused and overwhelmed if you don’t have a yacht broker that is fully informed of all the nuances in processes involving the purchase of boats.

Reason #5: You will know how to deal with matters if you’re purchasing a brand-new boat.

Your broker will be well aware of everything that needs to be uniquely covered if you’d opt to buy a brand-new boat. Your broker will process and secure the following concerns:

  •           Tax concerns
  •           Tax issues involving a trade-in
  •           Computing for the basic cost
  •           Computing for transportation expenses of all parties involved – from the builder to the dealer
  •           Covering all concerns on optional equipment
  •           Installation

Reason #6: You will not be stressed with paperwork.

You will be neck-deep in needed documents and paperwork if you’d purchase a boat. This is something that can easily overwhelm anyone that is new or not familiar with the industry and its unique requirements. Your broker will have all such needs covered. He or she will enlist everything you need and organize everything.  He or she will also be the one to process and submit all such requirements from different private and public parties.

Reason #7: You will know what to do during the sea trial and survey.

A boat purchase is not complete if it is done without a sea trial. This is something that your yacht broker will ensure and guide you with. Your yacht broker will be with you during the sea trial to ensure that a boat is okay for purchase. He or she will also be the one to look for a marine surveyor who will come with you during the sea trial. The marine surveyor will closely inspect the health and performance of the boat that you are about to purchase.


Reason #8: You will know how to negotiate.

Your broker will help you negotiate for the best possible deal. He or she will serve as the middleman who will keep tabs on all the back-and-forth interactions between you and the seller. Should it be that you don’t know how to negotiate, your broker will be the one to do it for you. Your broker will ensure that you get the best possible bargain.

Reason #9: Your funds will be safeguarded.

Your broker will ensure that all existing loans or encumbrances are properly paid off. He or she will use a dedicated escrow account for your funds. Your broker will ensure that you are fully safeguarded when it comes to all financial concerns.

Reason #10: You will enjoy after-sale care.

Your yacht broker will also guide you after your purchase is successfully completed. He or she will help you look for the following:

  •           moorage
  •           yacht maintenance
  •           repair specialists
  •           repair facilities
  •           classes on sailing
  •           boat clubs
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