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Explore our lineup of esteemed contributors, both past and present, whose names are listed below in appreciation of their contributions to the ClickTravelTips adventure. Each writer’s unique experiences and perspectives are integral to the rich tapestry of travel stories and advice we offer, making our site a diverse and dynamic destination for travel enthusiasts around the globe.

James Allsopp 15 Articles
Hi there! My name is James and I am the creator of ClickTravelTips. Launched in 2012, ClickTravelTips was designed to provide travel tips, editorials and guides. Since, the website has continued to grow, providing interesting travel content from individuals who consider travel to be one of their passions. In my spare-time I enjoy to travel and blog about it, especially in Wales.
James Allsopp
Charlotte Howell 6 Articles
Charlotte Howell is a travel writer and editor from the UK, who is currently travelling the world. Her favorite places to visit include Toronto, Austin, and India. Follow her travel blog to find out more.
Charlotte Howell
David Jackson 33 Articles
David lectured in Science at a Midland college (UK) for many years. He now writes about places he visits regularly with the intention of providing useful information for visitors.
David Jackson
Sherry 11 Articles
Hello! My name is Sherry. I'm a professional writer with over 5 years of experience working on various projects over the years. Ranging from writing recipes, travel blogs, food blogs, you name it. My passion is food and travel and I strive to learn more and more everyday. I have also written about Diet, overall healthcare, Sports and generalized topics for everyday people. My hobbies include cooking, writing, exercise and yoga.
Agness is an adventure traveler, professional blogger, and digital nomad. She loves road trips, house sitting, and healthy local foods. She has travelled to over 65 countries thus far. Read her blog Etramping for more travel information and stories.
Agness Walewinder
Lydia 2 Articles
Lydiascapes is about bringing you on escapades into the world of spectacular landscapes and untrodden paths. If you have a strong passion for hiking, camping, climbing, winter sports, and everything about nature, join Lydia on an adventure to explore the world together.
Paul Allsopp 3 Articles
Paul is a management consultant who travels extensively on business and for pleasure. He is interested in history visiting new places.
Paul Allsopp
Natalia C 5 Articles
Natalia has traveled the globe with a backpack and a budget, visiting over 50 countries to date. Now, she has swapped her backpack for a babypack and is enjoying the world of family-friendly travel.
Natalia C
Grace Plant 2 Articles
Grace is a freelance travel writer from Lancashire, England. In 2019, she embarked on a year-long adventure across India where she discovered her passion for crafting engaging travel content. Since then, she’s turned that passion into a full-time career, making her mark in various international travel publications. When she’s not writing and exploring, Grace enjoys foraging for wild plants and fungi and spending time in nature with her border terrier, George.
Grace Plant
Lowri Thomas 4 Articles
Lowri has been exploring Europe for over 10 years and has been to 38+ countries so far. Originally from Wales, you will now find Lowri exploring Europe with her border collie Scout, sharing in-depth knowledge and tips for those wanting to hit the road!
Lowri Thomas
Abby Honea 1 Article
Abbey has plenty of travel knowledge from her travels across America, including in her own area; Georgia.
Abby Honea