10 Things To Do In Sweden

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Going to Sweden has got to be the best experience that I have ever had the chance to do; from the glorious sights of the old towns, to the modern cities to the unspoilt countryside. There is so much to do you will never get bored.

I visited several places on my journey here, and these are my top ten things that you should not miss out on.

1 . Kingdom Of Crystal – Småland

Sweden is known for its glass making industry that creates items for people around the world. In Småland there is actually 16 glassworks to visit, teaching you about the history of glass, workshops and other events.

2 – Hiking

In the north of Sweden there are many towns and areas that have been unspoilt by the modern world and provide a breathtaking backdrop when out walking. There are many trails to do in this area which makes hiking extremely popular over their.

3 – Gothenburg

This area has got so much to do, a couple of the highlights include the Gothenburg Concert Hall, with its various shows and you may even be lucky enough to see the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra who play here. Two of my other favourite places include the Museum of Art and walking through the Castle Wood Park.

4 – Riksgransen

This area is more for younger people and those looking for skiing activities; however it is a great place to go to the snowboarding championships when they are on, for the thrill of the action it provides.

5 – The Sami People

In Lapland there is a tribe known as the Sami, who have been there for centuries and survived the bitter conditions. Lapp Staden is one of the old villages, where you can see the huts that they live in and talk to them about their way of life. In Jokkmokk there is also an exhibition highlighting the Sami people and their heritage.

6 – Linkoping Cathedral

If you are looking for something of more culture, visiting this cathedral is for you, built in Ostergotland around 800 years ago. It actually sits upon a much older cathedral which is said to be thousands of years old, but was pulled down to allow this newer version to be built. Inside you can find Swedish gothic architecture, paintings and manuscripts.

7 – Liseberg Amusement Park

The park is in Gothenburg and was opened in 1923, which attracts around 3 million visitors each year. As well has having many rides and roller coasters it has also held concerts; there is also a sports arena, most known for hosting the Eurovision Song Contest.

8 – Arefjallen Resort

One of the great place to going skiing is here; it is over a hundred kilometers of runs and every April there is many races taking place. There are some areas that attract a small amount of people, which can be great if you are looking for something more idyllic.

9 – Gota Canal

if you get the chance to take a boat trip one of the many canals in Sweden, the Gota Canal is one that you cannot miss to go on. It stretches around 614 kilometers, and links to many other rivers and lakes throughout Gothenburg right up to Söderköping and out to the Baltic sea.

10 – Mora

In Mora, you will find Santaworld, an amazing place for both kids and adults who just love Christmas. There is plenty of fun things going on, with visits from the fairy godmother, the witch and an amazing fireworks display. If you go out of season from Christmas, don’t worry as the area turns into other things, like the elf village, fairy grounds, kingdom of the trolls and lady of the woods.

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