15 Thailand Travel Tips to Make Your Trip Even Better

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If you’re planning on visiting Thailand, you want to make sure you have the most amazing time. While you won’t have to work very hard to make that happen, it will help you to know a few things before you head over there. Check out these 15 Thailand travel tips to help make your trip even better:

Take it Easy

If you start off in a busy city like Bangkok, it can be really easy to take off at 100 miles per hour. Consciously make an effort to take it easy when you start off. You don’t want to burn out early! You want to keep your energy. You don’t need to rush around at the same pace of the busy city you’re in. Make sure you take some time to take everything in, relax for a while. You’ll have a much better time.

Be Choosy

There are a whole lot of sites to see in Thailand. Don’t feel like you have to visit every single one of them! Be choosy. Only visit the sites that you really want to visit. There are so many temples, for instance, if you were to visit them all you’d quickly become tired of them. Pick the ones that appeal to you most and stick to them. The beach culture, nature and even the nightlife are just as much a part of it as the temples.

Wash Your Hands Before Eating

Unfortunately, there are a lot of food poisonings in Thailand. Many of these could be easily avoided with basic hygiene! Buying from street vendors is a great idea, but you need to make sure you wash your hands before and after. Also, if you buy from a busy street, you’ll know the food will be fresher as more people purchase it.



Be Vigilant Against Mosquitos

Mosquitos are probably one of the most annoying things about Thailand. Don’t just assume you’re going to get bitten to death and make your peace with it; be vigilant against them. Buy strong repellant and make sure you cover your clothes in it before going out. Just give them time to dry, or you might stink and choke on the scent.

Haggle at Markets

Going to markets is a big part of the Thai experience, however, you need to make sure you haggle. Marketers assume people will haggle when setting their prices. You should be able to knock the price down by at least a third. Don’t get ripped off!

Don’t Get Scammed

If you’re not careful, getting scammed is possible here. Some people are just friendly, but if somebody approaches you with some unsolicited advice on where to go, don’t fall for it. Always check with your hotel/hostel first to see what’s legit and what isn’t.

Live Like a Local

Living like a local is one of the easiest ways to save money, especially if you’re staying in Thailand for a long time. Eat street food, drink local beer, and embrace the local culture. You’ll hardly need to think about money at all.

Don’t Miss Bangkok

Bangkok can put a lot of people off Thailand. I mean, it hasn’t got the best reputation. It’s a modern city, full of tourists, and it can be quite seedy. However, you shouldn’t miss it. Bangkok grows on most people, even if they hate it at first! You shouldn’t miss it just because of the stories you’ve heard.

Go to the Full Moon Party

You can’t visit Thailand without going to the famous full moon party! So many places try to replicate this and fail. You’ll never get better than the real thing – drinking on the beach until the sun comes up!


Smiling will get you a long way in a place like Thailand. The place is very friendly, and has a buddhist culture. Smile at people wherever you go, and people will automatically like you and help you if needed.

Beware of Social Norms

There are a few social norms in Thailand you should be aware of. You shouldn’t touch anybody on the head, and pointing your feet at somebody is considered very rude. Don’t do anything that could be considered disrespectful to Buddha, even if it’s a painting that looks worn and broken. Every image of Buddha is sacred. People usually greet one another by doing a prayer motion and bowing a little, rather than giving handshakes. A young child will do this to an older adult, and then they will return. Embrace their culture!

Demand a Meter in a Taxi

Taking taxis places can’t be avoided, so make sure you demand a meter. If not, you could get ripped off. Always ask for a meter. Bear in mind if there isn’t one, you’re probably going to get ripped off. Never go anywhere without having a quote first.

Leave Plenty of Time

Things don’t always work in Thailand, even in the bigger more modern cities. The water may not work, the power may not go out. You’ll encounter issues. Because of this, make sure you leave plenty of time for the things you have planned.

Be Prepared for the Toilets

I don’t think anything can really prepare you for the toilets, but take a look on Google anywhere. Type in ‘Asian squat toilet’ and see what comes up. Get an idea of how to use it so you’re not shocked when it actually has to happen.

Don’t Take Things Too Seriously

People don’t take things too seriously in Thailand. Make sure you can smile through problems, and laugh off any misunderstandings. That’s what they all do! You need to relax and take it easy in a place like Thailand. There will be misunderstandings, no matter what you do. Just don’t let them affect your time here!

Use these 15 tips and your trip to Thailand will be truly unforgettable. Leave any thoughts of your own below. Thanks for reading – see you again soon!


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