3 Cheap Travel Destinations in Europe You’ve Never Heard Of

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Where should I go next time I travel? There are some great destinations in Europe that don’t get enough attention. If you love traveling and exploring new places while playing online blackjack, then chances are you’ve heard of Paris or Barcelona. The question is where else is worth visiting? What about those lesser known European cities? In this article, we’ll show you some less well-known European destinations that are worthy of your time. They might even surprise you!

#1: Ljubliana, Slovenia

Ljubliana, also known as Laibach, is the capital city of Slovenia. It was founded by Celts and Romans before being taken over by Austria during World War II. After Germany occupied Yugoslavia in 1944, they were annexed to Italy and became part of what we know today as Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol. This region is a must see for any traveller because of its breathtaking beauty like Lake Garda and many other lakes and mountains.

#2 : Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey has long been one of my favorite countries to visit because it is filled with so much history. From Istanbul, you can explore ancient ruins such as Ephesus and Pamukkale. Then there’s Cappadocia which is full of natural wonders like fairy chimneys and underground cities. 

#3 : Warsaw, Poland

The first thing people think when they hear “Polish food” is pierogi (dumplings). This dish is delicious but not technically Polish – it belongs to Ukraine. However, the country does offer many other options for travelers. 

#4: Tallinn, Estonia – Travel Guide

Tallinn is an old and charming town located on the Baltic Sea in northern-eastern Europe. This place used to be famous for it’s production of sauerkraut. Today, tourists flock here to enjoy traditional Estonian dishes and unique architecture. 


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