3 Spanish Wonder Cities 2017

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Whether you are flying into Madrid or Barcelona there are a plethora of places to visit in this lovely country. The Spanish way of life extends through food to dancing to beautiful landscapes and beyond. The whole country is accessible via a modern and sometimes thrilling road network.


If one was to visit the island of Mallorca you would need these roads. Mallorca is nestled in between Ibiza and Mahon and blows the visitor away without so much as effort. This is the Spanish way of all things. Stunning architecture, beaches, and eateries are but a small amount of amazing things to do here. It’s easy to get around, mallorca airport transfers take you straight to your hotel in no time at all.


Madrid is Spain’s capital city. It is a city of life and energy. You cannot visit this place and leave unhappy. It is physically impossible. Maybe a trip along one of the many beautiful boulevards or a visit to Buen Retiro, a stunning manicured park. The art here is in the air as well as the on the walls. If you want art then this is the place for you. The Prado Museum houses artful masterpieces by the likes of Goya and Velazquez. Madrid also has the Royal Palace and Amory, this huge building is in the baroque style and displays historic weapons and warfare trinkets.


This city is known as the cultural capital and displays architecture equal to that in Madrid. The Sagrada Família church and modernistic landmarks designed by Antoni Gaudí are unmissable and everywhere around the city. The Quadrat d’Or, or Golden Square, in the Eixample district, is breathtaking. this is the centerpiece for what is called ‘modernist’ and for what Barcelona is famed for. In this city there are so many attractions, one must choose to miss some to see others.

The City history museum (MUHBA,) houses artifacts dating back as far as the Romans and has several archaeological sites for you to wonder at. It leaves no doubt as to why the Romans loved this place. The city is inundated with superpowered beauty.


Bilbao is a port city in northern Spain. Enveloped by mountains of greenery. This city loves the skyscraper and has many other buildings to wow you. The Frank Gehry–designed Guggenheim Museum is one. Modern and contemporary works are on display here, but the building itself is a work of art. Just stare in awe at the curvy, titanium-cladding and the light reflected here and there and everywhere.

The Botxo or ‘Hole’ is a major European art center. This is alongside the cities natural heart as a working town. You can feel the character of the place and its humble existence and marvel at the to-ings and fro-ings of the place. It is, without a doubt, the coolest place to visit in this loaded with vibrancy and love country. Just be careful a whatever city you choose you will not want to leave.

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