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4 Places to Visit in Canada this Year

Variety is the spice of life, so for those that are seeking a holiday with a difference for summer 2014, then a trip to Canada is an absolute must. As the world’s second largest country, you will not be short of things to do. Never has a country had so much diversity and variety within its borders. Canada has everything that a tourist could want, plus so much more than they could ever envision. If you want to be enthralled and amazed at wondrous Canada, then look no further. By the time you have finished reading this, you will be booking your flight. While in Canada stay at this luxurious Toronto hotel, or this Niagara falls hotel.  If you end up traveling to Kitchener, Ontario, there are many Waterloo hotels for you to stay at.


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Niagara Falls

Surely no trip to Canada is complete with taking in the sights of this beautiful waterfall. As one of Canada’s most popular tourist destinations, it is easy to see why. In short, this majestic waterfall cannot be described with mere words. You will need to see it to believe it. Its size and majesty cannot be rivalled by any waterfall, the world over. Once you have been bowled over by its beauty, you can take a pitstop at the Skylon Tower. Do be aware that you will need to make reservations, as you can imagine, the restaurant does get incredibly busy.

Quebec Province

If you want to experience a completely different culture altogether, then head to Quebec. The food, art, cuisine and music are all distinctly French Canadian and is completely distinct from any other culture. It truly is a must for any culture vulture. Ensure that you have a working knowledge of the French language to ensure that you make the most of your experience. If you want to familiarise yourself and delve into the rich French colonial history, then a trip to Quebec Province should be at the top of your holiday agenda. I’d thoroughly recommend calling home to boast about this beauty – for cheaper calls to Canada try Planet Numbers


If you are yearning for a hive of activity in a cool, cosmopolitan city, then look no further than a trip to Toronto. This city will blow your mind. The city is a melting pot of diversity and is a great way to experience all the different and unique cultures of Canada. From art to cuisine to music, you will experience all different types of cultures within Toronto. Festivals are prominent in the city during the summer and it seems that the whole square comes alive even more, if that is possible. Head to Dundas Square, it is similar to Times Square but even more pretty, even more exciting and decidedly Canadian. It is not to be missed.

New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

Should the city life start to become a little too much, then head to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. This gorgeous part of Canada is breathtaking and beautiful. Explore the natural wonder of Bay Fundy and experience something like never before. Nova Scotia is also home to an 18th century fortress city, so if you want to experience what life was like before rampant capitalism, then get yourself back to basics. Pristine oceans views, stunning coastal walks and a plethora of enchanting wildlife is sure to keep you enthralled during your time here.

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