5 Best Travel Planning Apps for Your Next Vacation

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In these tough economic times, planning a vacation without burning a hole in your pocket seems impossible. Based on current inflation, you can plan a comfortable vacation or consider your budget limitations. The more you try to save money, the more uncomfortable your vacation will become.

Tech companies have launched travel planning apps to resolve budgeting and travel reservation issues. These apps cannot only help you keep track of the billing and reservation but also help you know about the best tourist destinations to visit on your vacation.

Most of the apps keep your filters and reservations in check and notify you every time there is a new sale. Moreover, the apps make sure you receive the best offers, promo codes, and discounts based on your location and preferred vacation destinations. Since the notifications are sent based on location in real-time, you need good internet that helps you stay connected regardless of your location. If you are looking for affordable and reliable internet, we recommend Optimum Internet. Optimum Internet offers unlimited data and free nationwide Wi-Fi so; you are the first one to be notified about the discounts.

Travel Planning Apps

Traveling apps are quite common and you will find your play store and app store cluttered with these apps. However, very few apps offer authentic reviews and good discount offers.

If you are struggling to find reliable travel planning apps, here are some of the apps you need to try.

1-     TripIt

Available on: Android and iOS

Price: Free with limited features

Recommended for: Staying organized for the trip, keeping all the reservations in check, and getting updates about flight and hotel reservation

Planning a trip means, you need to stay vigilant as you keep track of the flight prices, your hotel reservation status, and updates about the places you will be visiting. However, majority of the online bookings happen via either booking portals or official business websites so you will keep getting emails, SMS, calls, and notifications. With TripIt, you can link everything with just one app and get updates.

The app will not only help you track everything but also create one master doc that has all the details you need. The best thing about this app is the offline feature that offers you access to essential details even when you are offline. The only drawback of this app is the number of alerts and notifications you receive however; you can adjust the settings based on your preference.

2- Hopper

Available on: Android and iOS

Price: Free

Recommended for: Prediction of the airfares and hotels price fluctuation for the whole year

Price hikes and inflation are impacting the accommodation and flight fairs on daily basis. In fact, people are canceling trips just because of financial issues and price hikes. The simplest solution to this unpredictability is Hopper. Hopper lets you organize your trip in advance by taking advantage of the price prediction.

The best part of using this app is that you can plan your vacation in the off-season when the prices are extremely low. Hopper has 95% accurate price prediction, helping you stay in full control of your trip. Moreover, the app offers you filters for budget control, by cutting down on the extra fee, restrictions, and long layovers. The app also keeps the user updated by sending a notification every time there is a price reduction.

3- TripAdvisor

Available on: Android and iOS

Price: Free

Recommended for: Deciding your travel plans based on authentic reviews, travel guides, and forums

If you like traveling and you have never heard about TripAdvisor, you might be spending too much on your trip. TripAdvisor is one of the most used apps for reviews and recommendations. You can see where you should eat, where to live, and what places you need to visit. TripAdvisor has a community-based platform with authentic reviews by experts as well as visitors.

The app covers more than 8 million destinations and contains reviews of restaurants, hotels, flights, and cheap holiday destinations for people who are looking for a budget-friendly option. By using the app, you can also compare prices, book flights, and reserve tables online. The app is free and lets you enjoy live interactions so, you can ask questions, write reviews and share your travel plans with friends.

4- Packing Pro

Available on: iOS

Price: Free

Recommended for: Keeping a tab on all the travel essentials and staying organized while packing

Planning for a trip is exciting but packing for the trip is extremely hectic. You cannot seem to find the sweet spot between overpacking and leaving things behind. Either you forget to carry the essentials or you become far too overwhelmed with the packing that you end up carrying everything with you. If you are worried about packing, you need to use the packing pro app.

The app offers you a digital checklist feature so you can list down essentials you need to bring along. Either you can use the in-built catalog or you can customize your list. The seamless synchronizing and sharing facility within the app offers you the ability to share your checklist with your travel partner as well.

5- Loungebuddy

Available on: iOS

Price: Free with paid booking and purchase

Recommended for: Pre-booking airport lounge passes, access to airport lounges on arrival, and much more

Yes, airport lounges are exclusive and expensive, but you can book the airport lounge without paying a hefty fee. With the Loungebuddy app, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi, good food, and comfortable seats without getting memberships or flying business class.

The app is perfect for someone who is looking for a premium flying experience on a budget. The Loungebuddy app lets you book the lounge and gets access passes. If that is not possible, you will be directed to the nearest free lounge where you can enjoy Wi-Fi, food, and some rest time.

Bottom Line

As an avid traveler, you must have a good command over simple travel preparation tasks like packing, booking, and reservations. However, if you are a beginner or you find it very tiring, the above-mentioned apps will help you save money without compromising on the travel experience.

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