5 Luxury Travel Destination Tips for Young Families

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The best family vacation is something that considers everyone’s priorities. Perhaps, mom and dad would like to relax while the kids are out swimming. Of course, it should also include activities that will allow the entire family to bond together, and no one gets left behind. 

If you need help planning a fun family vacation while adding a bit of luxury to your holiday, check out these luxury travel destination tips for young families.

  • The Scottish Highlands

A family-friendly holiday to the Scottish Highlands is the perfect retreat for both parents and kids alike. It offers everything that the entire family will love. From the breathtaking natural landscapes to Harry Potter and the Loch Ness Monster, the Highlands can make for a perfect backdrop for a fun family vacation. If the kids are fans of Harry Potter, stay at The Balmoral. With its massive clock tower looming over the Royal Mile and Princes Street Gardens, it’s definitely one of the most iconic buildings in Scotland.


  • California 

Taking a luxury road trip in California is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. So, if you have not done it yet, then it’s time to take the family to California to experience this incredible journey. Your trip will take you through small villages, big cities, crowded beaches, and small inlets where only a few people have visited. Make a few stops along the Pacific Coast Highway to swim at its golden beaches.


  • The Amalfi Coast

Laidback and stunningly beautiful, the Amalfi Coast is perfect for family holidays. Here, you can spend your days trekking along its scenic routes or slope the iconic Mt. Vesuvius. Join a guided sea kayaking adventure to explore the caves and rock arches, and stop along its beautiful beaches to snorkel and swim. For a taste of luxury, stay at the luxury Belmond Hotel Caruso, which sits on a cliff overlooking the mesmerizing views of the Amalfi Coast. It used to be an 11th Century Palace. Today, it’s fitted with all the luxuries a family could ever desire – a child-friendly pool, full-service spas, and a restaurant with a kid’s menu.


  • The Serengeti

Located in northern Tanzania, Serengeti National Park is famous for the Wildebeest Migration, an annual movement of millions of wildebeest, zebras, gazelles and antelopes along the river. During the migration, you’ll witness these animals travelling north coming from their breeding grounds in the grassy plains in the south. When going for a luxury family holiday in Serengeti, make sure you choose family-friendly lodges that offer child-friendly amenities. If you’re looking to get off-the-beaten-track, check out the Western Corridor and the Grumeti Game Reserve, which are perfect for when you visit during the months of the Great Migration.


  • Krka Waterfalls National Park

The Krka National Park is an ideal destination for a family holiday to Croatia. Located about 10 km from Sibenik in Dalmatia, this park is famous for its series of seven waterfalls and a magnificent river with the same name, which is perfect if you’re looking to do a private Croatia tour. If you are a family who loves to hike, head north, where you will find a nature trail that passes along one of the most beautiful waterfalls, the Roski Slap. The other highlights in the park are the small island of Visovac and the Krka Monastery, which was built above the ancient Roman catacombs.

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