5 Reasons Blackpool Is A Wonderful Place To Visit

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If you are planning on going away this summer, why not consider taking a trip to Blackpool. It is a lot less expensive than going somewhere exotic such as Hawaii, but you still get an incredible holiday. There is a reason they call it a pleasure beach and that is because it is one of the top places in the UK for a fun and exhilarating time. Blackpool is a small city located in England on the North-east coast so head towards Liverpool, then look for the signs to a day packed with fun and adventure. Here are some of the best reasons you need to see Blackpool.

For The Kids

We have no doubt that if you have kids, they are going to love Blackpool. There is so much for them to see and do. Down at the beach, they will be able to visit a proper, larger than life arcade, filled with games and challenges that will keep them entertained for hours. Just give them a little bit of cash to spend while you sit on the beach nearby, enjoying a delicious ice cream.

Or, how about taking them to the UK’s largest indoor water park? Sandcastle Waterpark has over eighteen slides, and it is one of England’s most popular attractions. Even if the weather outside is rotten, you can still get the wonderful experience of having some fun in the sun.

If that doesn’t tickle their fancy, we are sure they will want to ride some of the best roller coasters in Britain. Blackpool is the only place in the world where you can ride The Big One, one of the largest roller coasters in the world. Or, you could be truly daring and take your children on Infusion, a ride that is completely suspended over water.

For The Parents

If you do have kids, we know you want to enjoy your trip as well, and Blackpool has got you covered, with a unique variety of adult entertainment. For instance if the musical theatre is your secret passion, you could always take in a show like Cats, with some spectacular song and dance numbers. Or, you can see a show that looks and feels like one of Vegas’ best. That’s right, without ever getting on a plane you can witness spectacular Las Vegas-themed show, hosted by some of the country’s top DJs.

But, we know for adults it all comes down to the food, and you will not be disappointed. The restaurants Blackpool has to offer are beyond comparison with some delicious dishes served by some of the finest chefs in the world. If you are visiting the Uk for the first time, you must enjoy a traditional English fish and chips while walking along Blackpool’s beautiful beach.

For Everyone

We know if you visit Blackpool this summer, you and your kids are going to love it. Whether you take your children to Nickelodeon Land or enjoy the nightlife with your partner, Blackpool will give you a holiday you will never forget.

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