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5 Tips for Visiting Lebanon

Magnificent food, beautiful people, and a nation rich with ancient history— what could be better? Plan your trip during a peaceful season and enjoy the beauty and bounty of the nation of Lebanon. First, check out these travel tips for the area.

  1. Be Aware of the Current Political Climate

The situation in Lebanon can change quickly. Check online to find out about any areas of the country that have been declared “no travel” zones, such as South Beirut, the Bekaa Valley, refugee camps, or the Israeli border. However, if you stick to popular tourist areas and sites that are generally far from any areas of conflict, your trip should be pleasant and uneventful. Keep watching sites such as the Lebanon Daily Star, and other news sources right up until the day of your trip for updates; and keep in mind that the likelihood of encountering any kind of unrest is very small.

  1. Take Time to See Baalbek

Baalbek is one of the top tourist destinations in Lebanon, even better than Beirut. If you are nervous and you want to play it safe, arrange a day trip with a travel company in the area. Here, you’ll be amazed at the colossal ruins of the Roman Temple of Jupiter, along with another huge block of stone that weighs 1,650 tons. This massive stone was cut and prepared for a foundation, then abandoned. No one knows who began the project or why it was left unfinished. It’s a mystery that fascinates travellers to this day.

  1. Stop By Byblos

Make time during your trip for picturesque Byblos, home of fantastic natural views as well as a prime selection of hotels and wellness resorts. If you’re intrigued by ancient times, visit the monastery of St. Maron Annaya or the Saint John-Marc Cathedral. There are also plenty of shops, pubs, and cafes to enjoy, along with a colorful old souk or market. Segway tours, a public park, beaches, snorkeling, and a fantastic wax museum are all available for your amusement. There’s also a fishing club in case you’d like to catch fish straight from the waters of the beautiful Byblos harbour.

  1. Explore the Jeita Grotto

A meandering river runs through the Jeita Grotto, reflecting the towering limestone columns and strange, sculptural rock formations within. The cave and galleries are accessible via boats and pathways. Plan to spend a few hours marveling at the incredible shapes and designs that appear throughout this underground wonderland.

  1. Take a Tour of Tyre

The city of Tyre can boast thousands of years of history, from its origin as a simple coastal settlement to its modern-day status as a thriving city. A Crusader cathedral, long colonnades, a large arena, a training ground, and public baths are just a few of the ruins that have been excavated and now stand tall and beautiful for all to see. You can even see the remnants of the massive Phoenician port which once conducted trade with Egypt and other neighbouring nations. Visit the covered market, walk through the fisherman’s port, and taste the delicious fresh seafood served up in local restaurants.

Rebecca Kenney
Rebecca is as passionate about writing as she is travel.

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