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6 Steps To The Perfect Family Camping Trip

Family camping trips can be great fun, but there’s a lot to think about before you go ahead with one. Here are 6 steps to the perfect family camping trip!

  1. Know Your Limits

Yes, of course, it’s good to be ambitious, but a family camping trip needs to take into consideration the abilities of everyone. You don’t want to force the family to endure a day long mountain hike if there are kids with you!

So, set tasks and think of ideas that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Let everyone put ideas forward and make sure they’re listened to. Each person can take it in turns to suggest an activity.

  1. Plan Ahead

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from family camping holidays, it’s that off the cuff improvisation is rarely a good method to opt for. This is especially true when you have young children in toe. If you ask me, you should plan everything out ahead of the trip.

This might sound a little dull and boring. But it’s better to be dull and boring than to be ill-prepared. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration on a camping trip, so make sure you’re in control of as much as you can be.

  1. Take Entertainment

We’d all prefer it if our kids enjoyed the great outdoors while camping. But the fact of the matter is a lot of kids can’t survive for very long without something to keep them entertained. Therefore, it’s always best to take something that’ll keep them quiet.

If there’s one thing worse than a child playing on their iphone when they’re supposed to be camping, it’s a child complaining that they’re not playing on their iphone. You don’t want to listen them moaning all week!

  1. Bond as a Family

The best thing about family camping trips is the possibility of having fun as a family and strengthening relationships. Your children will remember these holidays when they grow up, so you want to make sure they’re happy memories.

Therefore, plan fun activities and don’t be too uptight. Simple things can make the trip more fun. Why not have a campfire building contest or see who can put up the tent quickest?

  1. Make Sure You Have Enough Storage

Storage space is important on any family trip, but especially so on a family camping trip. You’ll have a lot to take, and you always seem to end up coming home with more than you went with. Who knows why, but it happens.

If you’re travelling light but need a bit of extra space, there are pull behind motorcycle trailers you could use. Or just add a roof box to the car, extra storage space needn’t be a big hassle.

  1. Make Sure You Have a Top Quality Tent

If you take notice of just one of these tips, it should be this one. Your camping trip can only ever be as good as your tent, so make sure you have a strong, reliable, top quality tent to sleep in. There’s nothing worse than getting the wrong tent.

A camping trip can be completely ruined if the rain starts to pour and your tent lets in the rain and soaks everything you’ve brought with you. That’s the kind of disaster you’ll be avoiding by investing in a good tent.

Follow these tips and you’ll have a great camping trip!


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