7 Awesome Winter Break Ideas

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If you’re sad that the summer is over and you’re already thinking of the next way you can have fun, it might be time for you to plan a winter break. Winter breaks can be just as good, if not better than summer breaks. They can be romantic, full of adventure, and more. They can be anything you want them to be! Here are 7 awesome winter break ideas to give you some inspiration on your next trip:

New York

I think we’ve all pictured ourselves in New York during winter time at one point or another. This place is famous for its romantic snowy evenings, enthusiasm for Christmas time, and shopping. New York in the snow would be a sight to behold and a trip you won’t forget in a hurry. Enjoy a hot pizza in the cold, Ice Skating in Time’s Square – the list goes on!


In Berlin, the carnivals take over during the winter time. There are lots of parties to attend, so make sure you take your gladrags. Then you have coffee houses, bars, museums, and galleries. It’s one of the most fantastic places to go during winter to just explore.

The Arctic Circle

The Arctic circle is one of the most magical winter places. Not only can you see the Northern lights here, you can have many more amazing winter activity experiences. Dog sledding is very popular!


Amsterdam is famous for it’s beautiful canals, so imagine walking along them when there’s fresh snow on the ground. It’s a very romantic place, and you can seek shelter in one of the delicious steak houses. They are located all over, so you don’t have to go hungry! There are museums, galleries, and lots of other educational things to see. The Christmas markets and regular markets are full of interesting nick nacks, so you’ll always find a souvenir to take back home. The people are awesome too. Just don’t forget to wrap up warm, because it’s freezing cold!


Budapest is an interesting place to say the least, but even more so in winter. It has one of the best carnivals in the world, where people dance wearing terrifying masks and burn coffins. Sounds weird but you really have to see it! There are so many opportunities to buy antiques, crafts and designer treasures too.


This place has the ultimate Christmas market, so if you want to get in the festive spirit you have to visit here. Also, two words: Mozart Chocolate. It’s one of the most famous foods in the city and they are delicious! The whole place is an Unesco Heritage Site too, so you know you’re going to witness some beautiful things.


A very romantic place to visit in the Winter, full of galleries and indoorsy things to do. There are so many more sites to see too, including churches and museums. This is the perfect place for the couple who like to educate themselves on their travels!

Which one of these awesome winter breaks appeals to you most? Leave a comment!

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