7 Money Saving Travel Tips for you Next Holiday

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Holidays can cost thousands of pounds when you take into account your flights, accommodation, spending money, and any holiday essentials you need such as clothes and sun cream. You can easily take a few hundred pounds off the cost of your holiday and avoid getting one of those tempting pay day loans if you’re careful. Here’s 7 money saving travel tips for your next holiday:

Save On Flights

You can save on your flights if you just take a bit of extra time to shop around. Look on multiple websites such as Low Cost Holidays and Lastminute.com. You can also take the extra time to look at individual flight providers and save money.

If you’re prepared to fly a bit longer and take a different route, a load of money can be taken off the final cost of your flight.

Take Hand Luggage

You’ll save time and money if you can manage with just hand luggage. This is easily done for a long weekend but probably not possible for a week or more. You’ll not only save on time by not having to check in your bags, you can end up knocking up to 50% off the cost!

Go All Inclusive

Going all inclusive is a really good way to save money on food and drinks. A meal out every night you’re away can cost you hundreds in total! If you can go all inclusive, definitely do it. You’ll see the difference it can make to your holiday budget!

Stay In A Hostel

Staying in a trusted hostel can be really cheap if you’re looking to save. Forget everything you thought you knew about hostels, you really can find clean and friendly accommodation! The only difference with a hostel is that you’ll have to share a bathroom and most probably your room. It’s important to check the cost of a room before you book, not per person.

Pick A Place With A Beach

If you choose a destination with some sea and sand, it’s unlikely you’ll need to find much more to do! Relaxing on the beach will stop you spending your pennies mindlessly elsewhere. The more you can stay on the beach the more pennies you’ll save up.

Turn Off Your Phone

Many people forget about the costs of calls and texts when away on holiday. People even get caught out simply by having an internet browser open, and thus getting charged a huge amount for internet usage! You have a few options when it comes to your phone: you can either turn it off altogether, check your networks website to see if they have any holiday add ons, purchase a pay as you go sim and top it up with the amount you’re happy to spend, or purchase a phone card once on holiday to use in phone boxes! Whichever you choose to do, it’ll be a lot cheaper than using your mobile as normal.

Don’t Drink

This will sound absurd to some people, I know. But if you don’t drink to excess you could save hundreds on holiday! Isn’t it much nicer to relax with a couple, rather than get hammered on a lot anyway?

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