7 Reasons Why Learning a New Language Will Help Your Travel Experience

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Have you ever been to a very foreign country? By ‘very foreign’ I mean, a place where English isn’t widely spoken and therefore you’ve had to really think on your feet and ended up just flailing your arms about with useless sign language to try and communicate. Frustrating? Yes!

Although it may not seem like a simple idea, but I bet you thought at the time: “I wish i knew the language.”

So do it! Not having enough time in the day is a poor excuse.

The first thing to note down before you even consider tackling a new language is to not treat it like an academic piece of work.

It should be something you see as a fun and interesting pastime, as well as a fantastic notch to your CV and personality. Basically, you don’t want to dread the thought of sitting down and listening or reading new phrases and essential words.

So here are a few reasons why learning a new language will, not only offer more excitement to your holiday, it’ll save you the embarrassment of attempting to act out what you’re trying to say.


Like I mentioned previously, you will definitely enjoy the holiday a lot more if you learn the language. Say if you were travelling to German speaking nation, and big cities aren’t your thing and you opt for a quaint little town – the chances of finding fluent English people are slim. So, learning German will not only get you around, it will save so much hassle and the locals will warm towards you when they see you trying.

Appreciation Of Culture

The days of sitting and whispering at your table to your partner in English whilst the locals are shouting and socialising in their language are well and truly over. If you know what people are talking about, you get a better vibe of the atmosphere. Better yet, when ordering food and drink, you can ask the waiters for more info about the menu avoiding the horror of settling for a peculiar local meal.

In terms of culture, learning the language will help for your interests in the entertainment scene. It’ll give a better insight into the work of famous singers and musicians, offering more things to do on your holiday.

Business Abroad

Picture this: You’ve started a new business and spotted an untapped market in Southern Spain. Oh, if only you knew Spanish – you’d be able to really communicate and expand your business around the sunny streets of Costa Del Sol.

Make it happen! Who is stopping you? There is potential here to make your year half living in Northern England and half living in Marbella dream come true!

Single, Ready To Mingle

As much as I hate that saying, knowing the language in a foreign country obviously increases the chances socialising. There’s no doubt that having another language in you is sexier than just having plain old English. And if you’re still single then the world is your oyster.

Improve Your Job Prospects

Although you may be taking some time off and relaxing in a different country, you should keep an eye out for potential jobs, especially if you know the language.

Working abroad is probably one of the most daunting, yet exciting things imaginable, so while you’re still in good health – do it. Not only that, but it adds another string to your bow, giving you the edge over the competition when going for an interview!

Learning a new language doesn’t just help increase the enjoyment of your travel experience, it almost acts a key to unlock so many different doors that potentially lead to new and exciting places and experiences.

So what are you waiting for? Hit the books!

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