Thursday, July 9, 2020

7 Tips To Read Before Booking Your Holiday

Booking holidays to look forward to is a real joy, but you can’t go and book something without thinking about it properly first. This post is going to give you 7 things to think about before you book your next holiday: I bet you would never have thought of most of them otherwise! Take a look…

Things to Do

What do you want to do on your holiday? You may have heard that a place is lovely, but have you done your research? You should have a loose idea of what you’d like to do there. It’s no good heading somewhere relaxing when you’d rather spend your time doing extreme sports!

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is essential, wherever you go. Some people think they don’t need it if they go certain places, but it’s always a necessity. Make sure it covers you for everything you’ll be doing too. Getting standard travel insurance and then injuring yourself scuba diving probably won’t be covered.

Would it be Better to Book Last Minute?

Instead of booking well in advance like so many people, consider whether it would be better for you to book last minute. If you can be flexible, you can get some amazing deals on travel and accommodation by searching for them last minute.

Airport Parking

Booking your airport parking in advance is a good way to minimise stress on the day of travel. You’ll usually get it cheaper by booking earlier too.

Is Your Passport in Date?

It must be every holiday makers worst nightmare: turning up at the airport with an out of date passport. You should get your passport out as early as possible to ensure it’s going to be in date at the time of travel. Some places will need you to have a number of months left on it when you travel, so double check that. Make sure you don’t end up taking an old passport with you to the airport either!

Securing Your Home

When people leave for their holiday they usually work themselves up with so many things to remember. But have you thought about securing your home properly? Make sure all the doors and windows are locked, and that you’ve informed a neighbour you will be going away so they can keep an eye on things.

Your Bank

Having money ready for travel is a plus, but there may come a time when you need to use your bank card. Inform your bank that you’re heading to a foreign country, or they could end up blocking your card because of suspicious activity. You might end up in the lurch if this happens! It could take a very expensive phone call to unblock your card.

OK, you’ve thought about these 7 things. Now you can book your holiday. Have a wonderful time and enjoy peace of mind thanks to these tips. See you next time!

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