8 Facts to Know Before Visiting Jamaica

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Jamaica is a vacationers’ paradise that offers something for all types of holiday-makers. Whether you’re planning a family vacation or your best friend’s wedding in this Caribbean nation, Jamaica’s picturesque beaches and breathtaking natural beauty offer the perfect backdrop to a vacation full of fun, adventure and recreation.

Here is some basic information you should know before visiting Jamaica for a beach vacation with your loved ones.

Location of your resort

While there are several less-frequented holiday destinations in Jamaica, the city of Montego Bay and the coastal towns of Negril and Ocho Rios are what will come up in your search for the best places to visit in Jamaica. International flights land at the international airport in Montego Bay, from where you can take a cab or bus into Negril or Ocho Rios, both of which are about 100 miles in either direction. Also, Ocho Rios now has its own little international airport.

Negril and Ocho Rios score high for seasoned Caribbean travelers and have some of the world’s leading hotels, restaurants and all-inclusive beach resorts.

All-inclusive deals

The best part about visiting Jamaica is that you can experience luxury beachfront accommodation by taking an all-inclusive deal that takes care of your stay as well as all watersports and several other attractive inclusions.

Booking an all-inclusive vacation is particularly beneficial when you’re travelling with family or in a large group and you don’t want to end up paying separately for every activity. Couples, too, benefit from such packages specially designed for honeymooners and those on a romantic getaway.

Friendly people

You will find Jamaicans to be very friendly and cheerful, which is a plus when you go out exploring neighboring towns and tourist places. Jamaicans love their laid-back lifestyle, so don’t expect things to be rushed or tasks to be done in a hurry. Rather, go with the vibe of the place and sit back and enjoy your time in a place that works and lives very differently from the US.

Currency convenience

Unlike in some other Caribbean destinations, USD is accepted all over Jamaica. The only problem you may encounter is that of getting exact change back when paying in USD, so it helps to carry Jamaican dollars when visiting neighboring areas or far-off tourist attractions.

Dunn’s River Falls

Wherever in Jamaica you decide to stay, a visit to the beautiful Dunn’s River Falls is something you should make time for no matter what. Located in Ocho Rios, this 55-meter-high waterfall is easily reachable from other towns via shuttle or cab. The waterfall is not steep so you get to climb all the way up to the top, which is why families love to visit this natural attraction.

Jerk chicken

Jamaica’s world-renowned specialty dish, jerk chicken is available at every street corner and in the nicest of restaurants across town.  Each chef you’ll encounter on the street boasts of a secret recipe that makes their jerk chicken different from that of others. Jerk chicken is basically marinated chicken cooked over coal fire.

Jamaicans are equally fond of pork, and if you’re a foodie who loves to experiment, you’ll find plenty to brag about in Jamaican cuisine. The national dish of Jamaica is a combination of ackee (a vegetable) and salt fish (cod fish).


For those who love to party the night away, Jamaican resorts and beaches offer a plethora of all-night theme parties and live gigs as well. Moreover, Negril and Ocho Rios have some of the country’s best pubs and bars, many of which are open late into the night.

Jamaica indeed makes for a great vacation destination for honeymooners, groups of friends as well as families. Booking a Jamaica all inclusive holiday makes this elusive vacation affordable for over one million visitors a year.

Play by the rules

There are some unspoken rules about visiting Jamaica or any other country you’re visiting for the first time. For instance, avoid venturing out late in the evening on your own; avoid taking a ride with a stranger; don’t be disrespectful of the locals; treat the resort staff well; take care of your belongings; avoid drinking in public; and so on. The best way to ensure your safety is to have a companion with you at all times.

As your purpose to visit Jamaica is to have a relaxing and safe vacation with your family or friends, certain safety precautions are necessary to ensure you make the most of your long-awaited Caribbean getaway.

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