9 Super Cool Super Sexy Holiday Outfit Ideas for 2013

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Going on holiday is such an exciting time. You’ll have chilled days on the beach, by the pool, and maybe even some crazy nights out to look forward to. You’ll also make loads of fantastic new memories and probably want to take lots of photographs to remember the great time you had. This is why having some super cool, not to mention super sexy outfits can make your holiday loads more enjoyable.

Here’s what you should consider buying if you want some gorgeous holiday outfits:


Shorts are becoming more and more exciting. You don’t have to just stick to the same boring old styles anymore! Highwaisted shorts are a big trend and so flattering. You can buy shorts with rips already cut into them to give them a worn in, edgy feel. You can also get shorts that have been frayed and tie dyed to give a really funky look. Ragged priest do some gorgeous styles!

Crop Tops

Crop tops are the perfect accompaniment to your high waisted shorts. You can go for super cropped bandeau styles, or slightly longer cut-off styles. There’s a selection of patterned and neon colours to suit every taste. The neon colours go great with a tan! TrendnStylez.com have some more ideas for crop tops on their blog post.

Lycra-Style Bodys

These look a bit like a swimming costume except now they pass as party/casual wear. You can wear yours with a high waisted skirt, or your shorts. You can buy plain styles that flesh a bit of flesh (hello, sideboob), or crazy patterned styles that have fizzy sweets and party rings printed on them!

Flip Flops

Flip flops are a must for any holiday and will keep you comfortable while looking cool. The best flip flop out there is without question Havaiana. Havaiana do a range of colours and styles and the brand is loved by celebrities everywhere.


You’ll need a pair of sandals to take you through to night time, and there’s no nicer sandal than those with diamantes or Swarovskis all over them. These are the perfect alternative to heels, as you’ll still look ready to party but your feet won’t kill you at the end of the night!


Going out in trainers is a big thing over in places like Magaluf and Ibiza. Wear Converse’s or Nike Air Max’s with your ripped shorts and a neon crop top for maximum holiday cool.


If you’re going on a clubbing holiday, the bag of choice this year seems to be none other than the bum bag. The 90’s has made a comeback in a big way and the bum bag has come straight back with it. It’s perfect for going out to clubs, just belt it around your waist and you’re ready to go. No pesky bag to carry around! If you’re going on a more demure holiday, you could try a long strapped shoulder bag with fringing. This will give you big boho points.


No outfit is complete without the right accessories. Big chunky gold chains are a popular choice this summer, along with stacking rings and bangles piled high.

Hair Accessories

To give your outfit a unique edge you could try a hair accessory, such as a flower hairband. Spiked headbands have also been spotted abroad, along with 90’s style caps to keep the sun of your face and bad hair days at bay!

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