A First Timer’s Guide to Camping Holidays

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Camping holidays are growing in popularity in the United Kingdom and beyond for many reasons. One of the main benefits to such holidays is that they are significantly cheaper in cost than traditional overseas holidays that involving flying to the destination and staying at a hotel.

Another benefit to camping holidays is that they are great for experiencing life in the outdoors, and for those of you with children, it’s a good way to teach them some essential outdoors skills as well as helping them to learn more about nature and the environment from a practical perspective.

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There are basically two ways that you and your family can enjoy a camping holiday, and that is to go camping with a tent, or hit the road with a campervan. Some people prefer one over the other, so in this blog post I will discuss the pros and cons of both.

Going camping with a tent

One of the most popular ways of going camping is by travelling down to the camp site in a car and pitching up a tent that you and your family can share.

Tents are generally lightweight and portable enough to take with you in the car, and they usually come in special bags that are akin to sports bags. However, there are some downsides to tents:

  • They can be cumbersome to put up, especially if they are large ones that can house several people;
  • They don’t offer much protection against adverse weather conditions;
  • Waking up in a tent on a hot, sunny day isn’t too dissimilar to sitting in a sauna;
  • They don’t offer much in the way of security or privacy.

Using a campervan instead of a tent

Some people say that sleeping in a tent is the ‘true’ way to experience nature and the great outdoors, but if tents aren’t for you then an alternative would be to sleep in a campervan instead.

There are many benefits that campervans have over tents, such as the fact that you don’t need to construct anything, your belongings are secure, and they have a number of modern conveniences built in such as Eberspacher heaters, cooking and washing facilities, refrigerators and even shower and toilet facilities.

In fact, you might even say that campervans are a bit like your home but on wheels! You have the option to hire a campervan (or ‘motorhome’), but some folks prefer to invest in a campervan which they can then use every year.

The great thing about campervans from a financial perspective is that even though they cost quite a lot of money to buy outright, they tend not to suffer from bad depreciation like cars generally have.

Choosing the right location

Regardless of whether you want to stay in a tent or a campervan, it is important to choose the right campsite depending on what you want to see or experience. Thankfully, there is a plethora of different campsites across Britain, so you are bound to find somewhere that meets your camping requirements.

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