Air-Conditioner For Caravan Camping: Keeping Your Trip Cool

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Comfort must be the priority in prepping for a caravan camping. There are many accessories that could improve van life, including air conditioners. It is best to install one as camping seasons often occur in summer.

Many campers can attest that it is possible to run a caravan aircon with a generator. This feature is significant in remote areas where there is limited power supply.

There are various ways to set up an air conditioner to a certain caravan model. And nothing beats a van life with this feature wherever you go.

Types of Caravan Aircon

Here are possible choices when looking for an air conditioner ideal to your caravan:

12-Volts Caravan Aircon

Camping with a 12-volt caravan aircon is cost-efficient. Experience its cooling effect with less energy to consume.

This kind of aircon is not suitable for a humid climate. It may trigger moisture in the caravan which is dangerous to anyone’s health.

The aircon is compact and as a result, it delivers less cooling effect than reverse systems. Experts do not recommend it for camper trailers because of its small size.

Roof Top Caravan Aircon

Small caravans can go with rooftop air conditioners to save up space. It is easy to mount and more efficient in providing cool air when the climate suddenly drops.

They differ in size, hence measuring the caravan’s rooftop before installation is vital.

Built-In Caravan Aircon

Pop-top vans can take advantage of built-in aircon systems. It can be installed under a bench or mounted on the cupboards, but the prior can cool the caravan quicker.

Like a rooftop aircon, this won’t invade a huge living space.

Different Ways to Install Caravan Aircon

Modern campers rely on a reverse air conditioner because of its flexible installation process. Choose one below how you will run this aircon type during camping:

Use The Main Power

The easiest way to experience comfort in van life is going to caravan parks. This ensures consistent use of the aircon as the climate warms up. 

The main power will run the aircon quietly so that passengers can stay in a cozy van. 

Some parking lots may experience power restrictions due to the huge number of caravans in the area. Meaning, they limit the use of aircon. Same with using diesel generators which is costlier.

The price to run an aircon all-night through the main power is not that cheap.

Use a Generator

Generator is an ideal equipment to run an aircon at any time. This option seems pricier in the beginning due to the power needed.

For instance, older air conditioners will require more watts to start up. While the new models do not demand that huge power to begin operating.

Keep in mind how the generator works. It powers up the entire caravan, therefore, the aircon might turn off if it lacks energy.

Generators are not a good choice in a silent campground. As it operates, you can hear loud sounds and smell the gasoline.

Install Battery System

Batteries can also run air conditioners with the help of a solar system to recharge. Most aircons that operate with lithium batteries can last overnight.

Besides, this way of caravan aircon installation is a bit tricky. You will need expert’s help to match the aircon with the battery system properly.

Best Features of a Quality Caravan Aircon

If you want to use your caravan’s air conditioner to its full potential, think about the following factors:

Caravan’s Amperage

The significance of the caravan’s amperage is determined by its intended use. Amperage may be important if it requires additional power, such as from a generator.

An air conditioner will require more amps to operate continuously, so the generator will be in charge of providing sufficient power.

Choose a unit from a well-known and trusted brand to ensure a better amperage. On the other hand, budget generators may overstate their output rating in order to deceive customers.


Your caravan’s profile has no effect on the aircon’s wind-resistance. It is an added element that you must be careful choosing a quality model.

Despite having the same frontal area and varying heights, a roof-top version has little effect on airflow. As said earlier, rooftop aircon can maintain cool air, regardless of the outside weather.

Better Insulation

A caravan’s interior will be more pleasant if it has the right insulation. Insulated ceilings and walls will keep you warm and comfortable when the temperature drops. This also keeps cool air in longer periods.

Other Options To Keep Caravans Cool Or Warm

Camping in a place with a warm climate gives you an option to install fans in the caravan. They are quite costly, however, more portable and energy-efficient than aircon. Passengers will also enjoy great comfort the whole time.

While dealing with cold nights could be better with a diesel heater. It won’t demand a higher cost than its counterparts.

Either way ensures a good camping experience. Investing in both caravan heater and aircon is crucial if you take van life seriously.

Final Thoughts

It won’t be surprising when electric vans become more popular in a few years. This makes running an air conditioner during camp a lot affordable. It will eliminate the need for the main power, generator, and battery system.

Contact a caravan aircon installer for your summer camping trip. 

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