Ben Nevis – The Highest Mountain in the UK – Reasons for Visiting

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Residents and visitors of the British Isles must see this magnificent piece of geological structure that stands out majestically in the town of Fort Williams, Lochaber, Highland in Scotland. The base of the Ben Nevis starts from the shores of Loch Linnhe and rises to its summit of 4,406 feet above sea level. The coordinates for the mountain are: latitude fifty-six degrees north and longitude five degrees West.

On the historical day of August 7, 1777, James Nevis was recorded as the first person to ascend the Ben Nevis. Many others have made the trek to the top since then. Approximately, 150,000 persons walk up the mountain yearly. However, it may be better to embark on the adventure with an experienced tour guide. Many have been caught close to the summit in bad weather with winds having speeds between twenty to thirty knots, thus finding themselves in some difficulty. Make sure you check the qualifications of the tour Guide before proceeding on the trip.

There are a number of paths to ascend the mountain, each having its own uniqueness. The most well-known path is the Tourist Route which is by far the most popular. It is sometimes called the Pony Track or Mountain track and is the easiest way to the summit. This route is recommended for beginners. It is a simple straightforward path. However, it is very steep throughout the four-mile journey to the top. The higher areas are usually covered in snow and anyone veering off course will be on very dangerous ground. It is slippery, and the conditions are normally hazardous.  Appropriate personal protective equipment and wear should be used due to the dangerous terrain and general environmental factors.  This can be a fun adventure, but care needs to be exercised to keep it that way. The descent can also be just as rigorous as the climb and your knees may feel the brunt of the trek down. You will want to make sure that you have walking shoes that provide much cushion.

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The weather pattern on the Ben Nevis is very erratic, and it is usually covered in mist. You can find at least two meters of snow, for the most part of the year. Don’t take the summer months for granted, since blizzards are normal during this time. Temperatures range from -0.5 to 5 degrees centigrade during the year. The weather can therefore be described as arctic; so be sure to dress in warm clothing for your trip.

Contained within one hundred acres, on a plateau surface, is the summit of the Ben Nevis. The structure that stands at the top is an erection of stones called a cairn upon which a surveying station is affixed. From the summit there is a glorious breath-taking view and you might even see Northern Ireland on a clear day.

While the way to the top may seem treacherous at times this has never stopped the influx of persons frequenting the Ben Nevis. They stand up to the erratic weather, slippery and zigzag pathways, and poor visibility; yet they want to meet and connect with this mountain. It has the power to draw men and women; young and old. It sits in majestic splendor, the self-appointed guardian of the United Kingdom overseeing its ward with fierce loyalty and love: The Ben Nevis.

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