Charter A Yacht Around The Beautiful Island Of Phuket

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The best way to explore Thailand, specifically Phuket, is to spend more time on the beach and enjoy various activities, such as swimming, diving, snorkelling, water toy fun, jet skis, and kayaks. Charter a yacht around the beautiful island of Phuket and admire its beautiful scenery as you relax after escaping your busy work schedule.

Phuket Province is an excellent destination for travellers who want to go on water adventures. You can enjoy Thailand’s largest island’s natural beauty through boat rentals or yacht charters.

Furthermore, the beaches on Phuket Island are serene and full of beauty. With its white sand, clear blue waters, and plenty of palm trees, adventures longing for peace and relaxation will surely enjoy this environmental trip.

Planning the itinerary for your Phuket trip must be created to tailor what kind of getaway you expect. Here are the top five destinations you must consider for your next yacht charter tour around the beautiful island of Phuket:

1. The Coral Island or Koh Hae

Koh Hae is a close neighbour to Phuket and is situated 10 kilometres off Rawai Beach on the southeast coast. This little island has two main beaches — Long Beach and Banana Beach.

Exploring Banana Beach is ideal for snorkelling due to its stunning coral reefs. It looks perfect, especially on a calm day when the sea is clear and glass-like. Various water sports, such as taking scuba diving courses, are available in Koh Hae.

Aside from water sports, island visitors may also enrol in batik classes and avail of massages. Whether fine dining or casual, the food options are budget-friendly. Moreover, if you bring your sturdy shoes with you, you may go for a hiking adventure from Long Beach through Banana Beach.

2. The Bon Island or Koh Bon

The next close neighbour to Phuket is the beautiful island of Bon. The location is just 2 kilometres away from the coast.

Koh Bon is a good travel spot if you are trying to find complete relaxation. The beach has sandy covers, offering a peaceful waterside sanctuary. Two of the most popular water activities are snorkelling and swimming.

For food trips, you will find a local Thai restaurant serving authentic dishes with aromatic cocktails during your stay. Other sophisticated eateries and luxury villas are available within the area, offering visitors more food options.

Additionally, if you are on a trip with kids, they may enjoy the sightings of water lizards and hermit crabs.

3. The Racha Islands or Raya Islands

Racha Yai or Royal Big is overflowing with various exotic and colourful marine life, suitable for snorkelling and scuba diving. The location of this beautiful island is about 18 kilometres south of Cape Promthep and off to Phi Phi Don Island.

Once you see Raya Island, you will find a vast number of luxury villas in the vicinity. The main beach most tourists go to on Raya Island is Patok Beach. This island is calming and quiet but has decent scenery. It is popular because of its powdery white sand and clear turquoise water.

The smaller island, Racha Noi, is near the island also. However, compared to Racha Yai, Racha Noi is less developed. You can still enjoy some water sports like scuba diving if you feel like it.

4. The Phi Phi Islands or Koh Phi Phi Lei and Koh Phi Phi Don

Travelling to Thailand without going to Koh Phi Phi Lei and Koh Phi Phi Don means you missed out a lot on your yacht charter trip. The Phi Phi Islands offer substantial activities and breathtaking views for tourists to enjoy.

These islands are composed of various beautiful islands. Note that not many beach spots offer unique diving spots. Moreover, you can experience snorkelling and scuba diving here. Tourists who love water sports will surely make the most of these islands as the clear water makes the coral beads more visible.

Koh Phi Phi Don is more extensive than Koh Phi Phi Lei. It has a picturesque scenery of many limestone mountains and narrow crescent-shaped bays. Despite the fact that Koh Phi Phi Lei is smaller, this island can also stand out on its own because of its naturally preserved beauty.

While you are still on the island, you may visit the Viking Cave, Coral Seeker Cove, and Lei Lagoon. These destinations have ancient paintings and native bird nests. Most artsy travellers will enjoy the view.

5. The Bamboo Island or Koh Pai

Bamboo Island is considered the perfect getaway for most tourists. The location of this island is still within Phi Phi Island. Tourists make it popular due to its long stretches of beautiful sand beaches, aquarium-like coral reefs, and plenty of colourful aquatic animals.

Aside from fun water activities such as snorkelling, you may experience exciting nightlife with the small bar located north of the island. They serve a wide variety of local snacks and drinks.

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