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Cheapest Ways To Stay In Touch When Traveling Overseas

Even if you only travel overseas every now and again, it’s nice to be able to stay in touch with our loved ones. Ideally, we need to reach them, and they should be able to reach us when needed. International calls can sometimes leave us with a ginormous bill, and that’s why we’ve put together the cheapest and best ways to stay in touch when traveling overseas:

Use Your Mobile Phone

Using your mobile phone is the easiest option, as you should be connected everywhere you go. You’ll need to check with your network provider to make sure your phone is capable of working overseas, but the majority are.

One thing to be careful of is using your phone too much overseas and racking up a massive phone bill. To combat this, check your network provider website or call them and see what holiday deals they have. They could offer you so many minutes and texts for a certain amount of money, so you won’t have to worry about your next phone bill.

To further save money, make sure that all your automatic app notifications are switched off and anything else that could sneakily use data while you are away.

Another option you have is downloading the Skype app.

Use A Different Sim Card

Another option you have is purchasing a different sim card suited to use in Europe. You’ll pay local rates with these types of sim cards so you’ll save a bundle of money. Incoming calls are usually free, too. The only problem with this type of sim is that international calls will still cost you money, so it may not be best if you are going to phone home a lot.

It may be beneficial to look into getting a global sim card for your travels, which will allow you to make local and international calls for a small price. The only thing you must remember when looking into purchasing different sim cards is that not every sim will fit your phone, so be sure you choose one that will, or get your phone unlocked!

Buy A Temporary Phone

You can buy a cheap “throw away” device for your travels, just be sure that it will work overseas before you purchase it. This will cost you around £40 or even less than that. Your regular network provider may even offer you an overseas rental phone!

You won’t get the features of a smartphone with a temporary or rental phone, but you will save a load of cash. Plus who needs apps while you’re enjoying yourself overseas?!

Check out this post on how to buy temporary disposable mobile phones when traveling overseas!

Use A Wifi Hotspot

Find a Wifi hotspot and you can get in touch with your loved ones via social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. A lot of hotels offer Wifi nowadays, with the majority of places not charging anything for the privilege. Astonishingly, the more expensive hotels seem to charge for their Wifi usage, so setting yourself up in modest digs could be a good idea!

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