Disney Cruise Ships Ranked In 2024

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If you’ve ever embarked on a Disney cruise ship trip, then you’ll know they can be truly magical experiences.

They combine the joy and magic of Disneyland with the relaxing nature of a cruise, making them the ideal way for adults and children alike to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of regular life.

However, they’re also often not quite as sedate as traditional cruise ships can be, making them ideal for those who want a little more spark in their holiday.

Some Disney cruise ships are arguably better than others, though, so with the help of other folks’ excellent rankings, reviews, and more, we’re going to take a stab at ranking Disney cruise ships in 2024. 

Here’s our list of the Disney cruise ships ranked for your enjoyment!

1. Disney Dream

With a focus on lengthier trips, the Disney Dream ship is an excellent option if you and your family are looking to get away for an extended period of time rather than just a short haul.

You can expect top-class entertainment, dining, and facilities, as well as roomy cabins with plenty of space to store whatever it is you might need to store.

The decks of the ship will always be bustling with characters to meet and new experiences to have, so this is a great first-time Disney cruise, but it’s also perfect for returning passengers.

To put it simply, reviews and rankings suggest that the Disney Dream is the best cruise ship in Disney’s lineup, so if you’re looking for a way to enter the magical world of Disney cruises, this is your first port of call (pun very much intended).

2. Disney Fantasy

When looking at other rankings and review aggregates, it’s clear that the Disney Fantasy is a strong family favourite when it comes to great Disney cruise ships.

Boasting a range of excellent Pixar experiences that let you meet your favourite characters from movies like Monsters, Inc. and The Incredibles, this is a great option for anyone in your group who’s more inclined towards Pixar than Disney.

Of course, you’ll find excellent food and accommodation on board the cruise as well, so this is a superb all-rounder option as well as a great choice for Pixar specialists.

You’ll also find the charming Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique here (and good luck getting that song out of your head now), where your kids can enjoy a variety of excellent costumes that will make them feel immersed in the Disney magic.

3. Disney Magic

As suggested by The Points Guy, Disney Magic is a great ship to opt for if you’re travelling by yourself, because it’s a smaller and more intimate experience than some of Disney’s other behemoths.

Disney hasn’t skimped on their usual quality here; the fare and board are top-notch, but the ship as a whole is a more maritime vessel than its rivals, so if you’re looking for a more authentic experience, Disney Magic is the way to go.

Reviews suggest that Disney Magic does a good job of trying to bring single cruise ship aficionados together through shared dining initiatives and other activities, too.

If you’re looking to enjoy a solitary time on a cruise, then Disney Magic will certainly provide that, but you’ll also find plenty of opportunities to come out of your shell and meet people you might get along with.

4. Disney Wish

It’s fair to say that Disney is a massive corporation, so you probably shouldn’t be expecting the same kind of intimate, small-scale cruise experience you might get from some less titanic operators.

However, if you want to lean into Disney’s sheer size and enjoy the biggest and best the company has to offer, then you should look no further than Disney Wish, the newest liner in Disney’s cruise lineup.

Many reviews point to Disney Wish’s excellent staff, as well as the ship’s diverse range of entertainment and restaurant fare. It’s a top-quality ship, just as you would expect from Disney.

However, it’s also fair to say that as a newer ship, this one has attracted fewer reviews than its contemporaries, and also that customers have some less-than-complimentary things to say about Wish, including its bottlenecking of customers and its smaller cabins.

For the most part, though, you probably won’t notice these issues too much, especially if you’re determined to have a great time as a family.

5. Disney Wonder

Another smaller ship, the Disney Wonder isn’t going to provide quite the same jaw-dropping scale as something like the Disney Wish might, but if you’re in the market for something a little more intimate, this is the ship for you.

Like other Disney cruise ships, the Wonder provides an excellent dining experience each night, and you’ll also find great and varied entertainment on display, so there’s always something for you and the family to do.

Of course, this being a Disney ship, you’ll have the opportunity to say hi to several different Disney characters and have your picture taken with them as well, which is always a plus.

Negative reviews (of which there are some, unfortunately) point to the ship’s age; the Wonder is the second-oldest ship in the Disney cruise lineup, and it hasn’t quite had the TLC that the Disney Magic has been afforded, leading to a more quaint old-school feel.

If you like that, though, or you’re willing to put up with a little more noise and a slightly shakier feeling than other ships, the Magic is very much still a great cruise experience.

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