Driving Overseas on Your Next Holiday? Here are the Best and Worst Cars for Comfort

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Thinking of driving on your next holiday abroad? Well different countries of course have different driving conditions, and all sorts of driving styles that may not be common here in the UK. In order to keep stress levels down to a minimum on your driving holiday, one of the things that you can do is drive a car that is really comfortable, and that suits your requirements well.

Before you head off down to your local car supermarket check out some of the best and worst cars for maximising comfort whilst you are on the road on your holiday.

Best – Saab 9-5

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Although the now bankrupt Saab are no longer making any new cars (and you probably won’t be able to hire one from mainstream car hire firms), the Saab 9-5 is perhaps one of the most comfortable cars you could drive for any journey!

A solid car, it has excellent safety ratings, and the excellent build quality of a General Motors (GM) vehicle. If you do not own one and you are looking to get a new car which you can also drive on holidays abroad, you definitely cannot go wrong with a Saab 9-5.

Worst – Ford Ka

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The Ford Ka is a nice, cheap little car that had a good sales history for 12 years, and was then replaced with a newer refreshed model in 2008. The problem with the Ford Ka is that it was and always will be just a runabout that gets you from A to B.

It is not designed for long distance comfort driving, nor has got lots of space to take a family with you on your holiday. So for the purposes of having a comfortable car for many hundreds of miles of motorway driving, it is probably one of the worst cars you could buy.

Best – Volvo XC70

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The Volvo XC70 is essentially a luxurious mid-sized estate car but without the price premium of high end car manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz. Like Saabs, Volvos are known for their impeccable safety records, and are one of the most safest brands of cars that you could ever drive.

The ‘XC’ bit of the model name is an abbreviation of “Cross Country”, and the reason for that is because this car also benefits from off-road capabilities. It can cope with pretty much any terrain you throw at it, and what’s more is that it does so gracefully thanks to its elegant looks.

Worst – Citroen C1

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Even though the Citroen C1 may sport modern, fresh looks, it is definitely not designed for long distance driving. City cars are just that – city cars. They are meant to cater to a market that is looking for a car that gets them from A to B without incident, and they are also meant to be cheap to run and cheap to insure.

If you are a very tall person or need to transport a family plus luggage with you, then this is one of the worst cars you could ever drive for the purpose really.

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