Easy Walks near Interlaken (Switzerland) – Recommendations and Tips

David Jackson
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Perceptions of what constitutes an easy walk vary considerably. My criteria are that the walk should be shortish (less than two hours) and have good paths that are not unduly steep. High level walks should also have good transport links to both the start and the finish. And there are many possibilities within striking distance of Interlaken, all surrounded by beautiful scenery, all worthwhile. Some, however, stand out by virtue of their magnificent setting, outstanding views or special interest.


Easy low level walks:

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Easy high level walks:

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All the estimated times assume a moderate walking pace and no stops.

Tips for High Level Walks

Safety: when walking at altitude, even on paths that are easy and well-trodden, you should take precautions to ensure your safety. Walking boots with soles that grip are an absolute. Check the local weather forecast before setting out, but remember that mountains make their own weather, so be prepared for an unexpected downpour and a drop in temperature. Even though paths are well sign posted, a good map is advised, and it may prove useful for mountain identification. In addition to food and drink it is prudent to put a first aid kit and sun cream into your rucksack. Finally, make sure that your phone is fully charged and you know the time of the last gondola/cable car/funicular/train or post bus.


Avoiding crowds: an easy, accessible high level walk with marvellous views is inevitably popular. An early start increases your chances of avoiding crowded trains, queues for transport and may also ensure at least some degree of solitude on your walk. Purchasing your gondola/cable car/funicular ticket along with your rail ticket may help you avoid some frustrating delays.

Reducing transport costs: Transport to and from mountain destinations is usually expensive, so the purchase of a Swiss Pass, Half Fare Card, or one of the Regional Passes on offer should be considered. Careful choice can make your transportation more affordable.

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