Why Everyone Should Visit America At Least Once

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America is on pretty much everybody’s bucket list. If it isn’t on yours, ask yourself why? Everyone should visit America at least once. Although a lot of it is overrun with tourists and very commercial these days, you can still have an amazing time here. There are all kinds of places you can visit, from Las Vegas to Missouri. Each state has its own charm, attractions, and reasons for visiting. However, many of the principles are the same. Here are some reasons you should visit America at least once:

Some Of The Best Theme Parks In The World

America is home to some of the most amazing theme parks in the world. There’s Disney World of course, but there’s also Universal studios, Dollywood, The Magic Kingdom, and so many more. If you’re a thrill seeker, then you definitely need to head to one of these awesome parks.

The Amazing Food

It’s not much of a secret that America has the most amazing food you’ll possibly ever eat. It varies depending on where you go. For example, New York has some of the best pizza parlours ever. Vegas’ food is stodgy, mixing sweet and savoury but delicious all the same. You get some truly unique culinary creations in America, and pretty much everything is double the portion size you’d get somewhere else.



Everything Is Big

It isn’t just the food portion sizes that are big. The buildings are big, the drinks are big, the personalities – the list goes on. The hotels are some of the biggest and best too, like luxury Jackson Hole hotels. Everything is supersized in America.

The Majority Of The People

Of course there are exceptions, just like anywhere else in the world. However, the majority of people in America are lovely and more than happy to help you with tips, directions, whatever you need. Plus, they’ll be really interested in you and will likely strike up a conversation if you don’t.

Road Trips

The famous American road trip – there’s a reason people travel here to drive from state to state! Sure, a lot of it is just open road, but it can be a great experience and you can stop off to see awesome things along the way.




American shopping is like no other. Just make sure you have the funds to do it right! Places in New York like Tiffany’s and Macy’s are a must visit, but New York isn’t all there is. Las Vegas has a pretty incredible shopping experience too, but then so do most places!

So Many Sites To See

There are so many sites to see that you can’t even count them. The Statue of Liberty, The Golden Gate Bridge, National parks – you’ll never run out of things to see or do!


What about the galleries and museums? Just because America is full of tourists, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your fair share of culture when you get here. America likes to impress its visitors, this cleaners Chicago service prides itself in keeping all commercial areas clean.


Never been to a musical? You have to go here! Even people who claim not to like musicals can enjoy them in the states. There’s a show for all tastes!

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