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Fancy Living in The Most Expensive Village in Nigeria?

As the seventh most populous country on the entire planet, it’s surprising that the average UK citizen doesn’t know more about the area. Named after the Niger River that runs through most of the country, the region first gained independence from British rule way back in 1960. Since then Nigeria has truly gone from strength to strength, becoming the bustling urban metropolis we see today. With their very own film industry known as “Nollywood”, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that there is a lot of money flowing through this West African Muslim nation.

Although you may get the impression that Nigeria is all sand and rather run down, in truth, there are actually quite a few upmarket areas. My friend traveled to Lagos recently and managed to meet a very attractive local lady who resided in a neighbourhood known as Banana Island. Knowing how wealthy the residents are in this area, my friend declined an invitation for lunch, as he knew that he probably wouldn’t have enough cash to cover the five star restaurant bill.

Still, it is a lovely place to visit, and if you’ve got plenty of money to spend, it’s certainly also a fantastic place to live. So, if you’re looking to move to an upper class village in Nigeria, take a quick read through this guide, as it will fill you in on everything you need to know about Banana Island.

So Where Is It?

Good question. Banana Island is located in Lagos State. It’s an artificial island that sits in Lagos Lagoon, and although there is a road attaching it to another nearby island, access is usually achieved by boat. Don’t get me wrong though, this is no small construct. In fact, Banana Island is approximately 1,630,000 square meters in size and sports over 536 luxury plots that range from 1000 to 4000 square meters. So building the island was definitely no easy task.

What Facilities Does It Have?

For local Nigerians, the residents of Banana Island must seem like they live in the future. Here you’ll find underground electrical systems, underground water supplies, proper sewerage, street lights, and even satellite telecoms systems, so it’s probably the most advanced area as well as the most upmarket aesthetically.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Property There?

As with anywhere else, property prices fluctuate depending upon the state of the local economy. That said, don’t think you’ll pick up a residency cheap. If you want to know how the market looks at the moment, you can take a quick browse through the many homes for sale in Nigeriapropertycentre.com, one of the most respected company websites for property sales and information.

So there you have it my upper-class chums. Hopefully now you’ve learned a little bit more about one of the most elitist areas in the whole of West Africa (if not the entire continent). Just remember that cultural differences can be vast, so educating yourself about Nigerian customs before purchasing your new home is essential.

Good luck!

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