Gather Your Buckets And Spades For These Awesome UK Holidays

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Are you thinking about a holiday in the UK? Perhaps you imagine beautiful green countryside and bucket-and-spade beach activities. As a tiny island, the main part of Britain is ideally suited to a holiday by the coast. You can’t beat the sea breeze that each and every beach here offers. There is something wild and rugged about this island that you just don’t find elsewhere around the world.

Each of the coasts offers something unique. The South Coast, also known as the Jurassic Coast, is the place to head if you’re on a fossil hunt. It stretches along several counties and is one of the warmer parts of the UK. The beaches here are mostly sandy. Many places like Weymouth offer family fun as well as comprehensive shopping opportunities.

To the North West, Blackpool is the place to go. This world famous holiday destination has it all. Hen and stag nights, family entertainment, and even an iconic theme park mean there is plenty to do. Blackpool holidays are a firm favourite for British people. They are very much enjoyed by those who come into the country from overseas too. It’s easy to get to and offers everything you could want in a British holiday.


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If you’re staying in London, then Southend-on-Sea is the place to be. Strictly speaking, this town sits on the mouth of the River Thames Estuary. This means the weather is milder, but there is limited surf. Water sports are still enjoyed here, though. But it’s the seafront arcades that draw the crowds in from the East End. As a day trip destination, you can enjoy the seafront experience in Southend.

For more rugged coastline walks, head North beyond Norfolk and into the North East. The terrain is forever changing thanks to coastal erosion, and the cliff tops overlook the North Sea. This makes any walk here quite exhilarating. People come here from all over the world to spot some of the UK’s most extraordinary birdlife. Migrating groups from other parts of the world often stop here, and you can watch huge swarms of birds at dusk take to the skies in formation.

Scottish coastlines are wild in every sense. You can spot marine and bird wildlife from the mainland and each of the smaller islands. The weather is changeable so pack your waterproofs and thermals! To reach these places, you may need to be part of a tour or hire a boat. Roadways heading north can be tough to drive at times.

The Welsh coastlines are very pleasant. They are particularly popular with holidaymakers enjoying a static caravan holiday. There are many holiday parks along the coast that offer beautiful sandy beaches. Places like Aberystwyth offer just the right balance of Welsh culture combined with a holiday atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Further South, and across the Bristol Channel, you arrive back in England along the Devon and Cornish coastlines. Cornwall is internationally acclaimed for its surf, although most of the year it can be very dangerous for the inexperienced. The surrounding countryside is quaint and beautiful. This area is a lovely English holiday retreat.

Every part of the British coastline is worth exploring. Some places like Blackpool make an incredible holiday destination. See where your holiday to the UK can take you this summer.

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