Gift Ideas for Frequent Travelers

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For some people, traveling is more than the occasional getaway. It can be more of a hobby or they may travel frequently for business reasons. In either case, a gift that will make their travels less stressful and more enjoyable may be just the way to show how much you care about them this holiday season. If you’re looking for gift ideas for travelers in your life, consider these suggestions.

Luggage Scale

If you don’t travel often, you may not know that there are personal luggage scales on the market. In fact, this may be one of the best gifts to give your traveling loved one, simply because it will save them both money and aggravation. Luggage fees vary by airline, but they’re always determined by weight, which is why airports are filled with people reorganizing their luggage near the flight check-in counters. This is frustrating and often embarrassing, but it’s a situation that can be avoided with a personal luggage scale. They typically run from $10 to $50, so this is something that will fit any budget.

Better Phone Protection

Whether it’s killing time in an airport terminal, using a maps app to get around an unfamiliar place, or touching base with folks back home, frequent travelers rack up a lot of mileage on their smartphones and tablets. With so much riding on the ability to use a mobile device while traveling, why not buy the frequent traveler in your life some tech protection? Whether it’s a protective case for an iPhone XS or Samsung screen protectors for a Galaxy Note9, it’s safe to say the added safeguards will come in handy for the globetrotter in your life.

Create a Plane Comfort Kit

Flying is easily the biggest aggravation in traveling, so anything you can do to make the experience easier will be greatly appreciated. While you can buy ready-to-go kits, you may want to create your own and personalize it. Typically, you should include a neck pillow, blanket, sleep mask, and earplugs. You might also like to add snacks, a phone charger, and other essentials. You should expect to spend no more than $50 in assembling a basic plane comfort kit.

A Better Shoe for the Male Traveler

For years, women have had an advantage in packing footwear, thanks to the foldable ballet-style slipper. Now, you can give the male traveler in your life a fashionable alternative to travel socks. The Nisolo x Huckberry Travel Derby is a casual shoe that’s also versatile when it comes to fashion. Made to resemble brown suede and supported by a thin, lightweight sole, this shoe can be worn virtually everywhere. What makes it even more desirable is that it’s extremely light, weighing just under a pound, and can easily be packed in a suitcase without taking up too much room. Selling for $128, this may be ideal for more modest budgets.

Power on the Go

When traveling, getting access to electrical outlets to charge mobile devices isn’t always easy. Fortunately, there are portable power cores like the Pebble Smartstick to make it easier to take a couple charges along, wherever your loved one’s travels may take them. Even a small charging device carries enough juice to charge the average smartphone at least two times, significantly extending the life of the phone on the go. Smaller devices usually sell for $20 and are no larger than 4 inches in length.

Travel-Ready Hygiene Essentials

While it may be in bad form to buy a loved one a bar of soap as a holiday gift under normal circumstances, buying the traveler in your life hygiene essentials may be appreciated. The TSA restrictions on these types of products limit liquid substances to 3 ounces or less. Fortunately, many cosmetics and health product companies have found a way around this rule. They now market solids for travelers. in addition to soaps and moisturizers, shampoos, deodorants, and even perfumes can be purchased in larger, solid forms. Buying a traveler a collection of these items will help them stay clean and fresh, even after the longest flight.

There are many more ways you can ease the burden for travelers in your life. You might even buy airline vouchers to help them save on their travel costs. In fact, any gift that makes it easier for them to travel will be appreciated. Traveling can be frustrating, but your gift will remove some of the stress from the experience.

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