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Great Reasons To Visit Monterey California



California is full of cities and towns that are well worth a visit. From San Francisco and LA to San Diego, the attractions are endless. However, one place that doesn’t get much of a mention is Monterey. Monterey County is a city on the central coast of the Golden State, and it has an array of attractions and sights that are well worth a look. If you need more convincing, take a look at these great reasons to make Monterey a stop off on your next trip.

Mild Climate

The weather is always nice and sunny in California, hence the nickname. But, during the spring and the summer, it can get unbearable even for the locals. When this happens, you need a place to retreat to make sure that the sun doesn’t frazzle your brain, and Monterey is that place. As it is on the coast, the wind whips up off the sea and creates a beautiful breeze. In California, that can be a hard thing to find. But, in Monterey, it is there all year around.


Because it is on the coast, Monterey is home to a selection of the best seafood eateries in the state. In fact, there are people that would say it is the best seafood cuisine in the world. Whether that is true or not doesn’t matter because it is great all the same. If you are a seafood lover, you cannot miss the opportunity to sample a few of the culinary delights this coastal town has to offer. The seafood in Monterey is honestly that good!

Whale Watching

There are not many places you can watch the world’s largest mammal in its natural habitat. But, in Monterey, that is a seasonal occurrence. You cannot whale watch all year round as whales are nomadic and travel thousands of miles in a short space. Still, they come back again and again at the same time every year, and that is the perfect time to charter a boat and invest in a pair of binoculars. The waters off Monterey are a great place for the whales to feed, so you can even spot them from the beach with the naked eye.

The Great Outdoors

California has great hiking and walking trails, and Monterey is the epitome of that. The hills and the rugged terrain that surround the city are perfect for a spot of exercise. The trails can be as hard or as easy as you like, and you can even take your bike if walking doesn’t sound too appealing. Whatever you decide, make sure you hit the summit as the views are spectacular. The trails are particularly good during the spring and the summer as the wildlife is plentiful.

Road Trip

Even as you are leaving the city you can still get a lot of joy. When it is time to call it a day in Monterey, simply hire a car and go on a road trip. Again, the hills that surround the area make the views well worth a look, and the roads are thrilling. The variety makes the driving one of the most enjoyable experience you can wish for, as long as you have the right car!



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