Have you made plans for spring break yet?

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Every year, thousands of students anxiously await those two glorious weeks of spring break. Once the big day comes, they expand like an invasion of party ants and take possession of the main tourist sites of the date. All this is very well deserved, of course. After all the hard work and sacrifices, the least you deserve is a drink and some sunlight.

It’s clear at some point that the more you grow up, the less of a party animal you are. The last thing you want is to be surrounded by billions of travelers in the same old places. Do you want to change the usual spring break this year? Are you bored with the same spring break locations? At some point, you’re done with Orlando, Cancún or Cabo. In the end, it’s just more of the same: wild parties and hangovers at the beach. Ever thought about spending your spring break in Tanzania instead?

Even though there are always some requirements, traveling around the globe gets easier every day as time passes by—the world changes by the minute with technological advances and connectivity. Therefore, before you begin any of your expeditions abroad, we suggest you first look at all the things you’ll need to prepare for your trip. To do so, we recommend you review **iVisa**, a magnificent way to get your travel documents comfortably from where you are.

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If you’ve been thinking your life needs some adventure, you’re aiming at the right place because, in The United Republic of Tanzania, you will find many things to do. For example, you can take a safari to the Selous Game Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the largest undamaged natural reserves on the entire continent. You can also head towards Serengeti National Park, a land of vast plains where nature runs free and one of the most frequented wildlife reservoirs in the country.

On the other hand, if it’s more of a white sanded beach that you seek, we advise you to head to Zanzibar. This amazing Tanzanian city has a marvelous vibe to it and vivid nightlife. There you will find some of the most delicious food in Africa. The abundant seafood dishes and traditional meals are absolutely exquisite, and a perfect example is the street food you will come across from 7 pm to midnight. These welcoming vendors will tempt you with diverse skewers like prawns, king prawns, octopus, several kinds of fish, crab, and even goat and chicken meat. You will also find a wide variety of local sweets and fruits.

But food and music isn’t the only thing you’ll find on the crystal blue shores of Zanzibar. There are also very nice restaurants with live music and dancing as well. The magical views of Unguja and Mafia Island are a stone’s throw from Zanzibar, and you always find something staggering to do. Do you still want to take it to the next level? You can get a luxury yacht cruise around the beautiful archipelago in the Indian Ocean. You will easily pay half the price of what you would pay for one back home. Unguja has natural beauty and amazing architecture built by the Sultans and European royals, who deemed it a place of preference for hundreds of years.

What are you really waiting for? Stop thinking about it and start booking your trip today!

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