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How Hiring a Translation Service Can Improve Your Professionalism

If you’ve been working with clients on a global scale, you’ve probably utilized a translation service of some kind to facilitate your dealings. While the free or cheap computer software available to assist with translation can be a good option in a pinch, it has quite a few downsides as well. Through this article, we’ll help you weigh out the positives and negatives for using a translation agency to help facilitate your dealings with international clients.

Pro: They guarantee high quality content

Most translation services offer a guarantee along with their translation services; they want their clients to be satisfied with their services and to come back. Through hiring a translation agency, you can rest assured that you not only have accurately translated content, but well-written content translated by a fluent speaker of the language you desire. You’ll also have a team to support you in getting the best content that’s readable, engaging, and flows well. Having high quality content written by a fluent speaker allows your content to display your professionalism.

Pro: Interpreters allow you to preserve personal customer service

One of the major problems language barriers present is the fact that you can’t communicate one on one with your client. To save money, a lot of businesses make the mistake of merely utilizing computer translation software that doesn’t always work the best and makes them more dependent on written communications. Though it’s still not one on one, you can have a more personable experience with your client by hiring an interpreter to facilitate the conversation. Your client will appreciate the personal consideration and face to face time and you’ll help to preserve the professional image of your business.

Con: Translation agencies can cost a little more

The only con we see in using a translation service like The Translation People is that you can end up spending a bit more money by hiring them. The translators and interpreters hired by these translation agencies are highly qualified professionals that offer a wide variety of services to handle all of your translation and interpretation needs from start to finish. It’s definitely worth the investment, but it might be too much for some smaller businesses to take on just yet.

If you’re working with international clients, sooner or later you’re going to require the services of a translation agency, translator, or interpreter. Working with a translation agency can simplify your efforts, allowing you to get all the translating services you require handled by one agency. They also tend to guarantee satisfaction with the written content and translation services they provide, which doesn’t come with the computer software. In addition to that, you have a real person to talk to and get help from when you require it. Translation agencies can help you better connect with your international clients that speak a different language than you do.


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