How To Do A Great Road Trip In England

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If you love road trips, then a road trip in the UK is definitely one to put on your bucket list. England, in particular, is world famous for its incredible landscapes. Most of them can be seen from the road as you drive along! So grab a map and turn on your GPS. Here is the best guide to road trips in England.

Head West

You haven’t done a road trip until you’ve been stuck in traffic on the A303 past Stonehenge. This world heritage site is an incredible thing to see, and it is clearly visible as you drive past. This particular road is very popular with camper vans heading down to Cornwall for the surf.

If you do want to eyeball Stonehenge on your way, then follow signs for the visitor centre and park up for an hour to really take in this incredible site.

To The Lakes

Heading up to the North West can start off as a pretty boring journey. The M6 is nobody’s idea of fun in rush hour traffic. Head out a bit later in the day when all is quiet. Once you start reaching the hillier regions, you know something incredible is about to happen.

Arriving in the Lake District does not disappoint. Every road is a challenge to drive in a large vehicle, but every view is totally worth it. Camp or find a B&B. Stay in the Lake District and get a couple of walks in before you head back in your car.

Around and Around

The M25 is the most famous motorway in the UK. It is a circle around the perimeter of Outer London. If you want to get in or out of the capital, chances are you’ll need a junction or two of this motorway.

The best thing is that you really can drive around the whole thing without stopping (except for traffic jams and tolls). And the scenery isn’t too bad either. Check out the view from the QE2 bridge. Use this motorway to join the M1 North, the M3 to the South West, or for Heathrow Airport.

Head East

For some beautiful countryside views, pack up your holiday trailers and head toward Norfolk. The East of England has some amazing little country routes. They take you through Fenland, past canals, and through the quaintest little villages. The whole thing can be done without touching a motorway too (mostly because there aren’t any!).

For a feel of how England used to be, this could be the best road trip to take. There are plenty of holiday parks and camping grounds to make use of too.

Taking a road trip in England is a great way to escape the office. Put on some tunes and open the windows wide, until it rains. Generally speaking, the main service areas are clean with very good facilities. They can include brand coffee shops, cash machines and WiFi. Depending on the time of year you’re travelling you can enjoy a game of camper van spotting, or even tick off your Eddie Stobart sightings. Make the most of your motor this year with a road trip in England.

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