How To Explore Ancient Egypt by the Nile River

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One of the world’s most ancient civilizations rose in Egypt. This civilization has made some of the most impressive contributions to human history, and numerous monuments across Egypt are evidence of this. The country enjoys a rich cultural heritage which can be experienced even today by exploring Egypt in all its glory. From Pyramids to the Sphinx to the Unfinished Obelisk, a multitude of temples, and much more, Egypt is a country that enthralls explorers from around the world. For an adventure-filled trip that allows you to immerse yourself in history and marvel at the humongous monuments that stand today, built thousands of years ago without any modern equipment or even lifters, the country of Egypt is one you would not want to miss.

While foreigners have a particular view of the country of Egypt, which has mainly been formed from western media and movies, the country actually is not all desert. Egypt has so much to offer, and there are numerous ways to explore the country, including road travel, railway networks, and even cruises along the river Nile. The Nile River is among the longest rivers in the world and is the most crucial source of water for Egypt. Not only is the water from this river used for agricultural purposes, but also every aspect of daily life, including travels across the country for work as well as leisure. A Nile River Cruise is perhaps one of the top ways to explore ancient Egypt by the Nile River.

A Nile River Cruise, as the name suggests, is a cruise tour across the river Nile. Multiple cruise companies offer tours in the Nile River. However, the majority of them (if not all) operate within Egypt. These cruises take you across on a few days’ trips, sailing in the Nile while making stops in major cities which have many historical sites to see. The most common cruise options available here are a cruise trip from Luxor to Aswan and vice versa, which can extend various time limits depending on what package you choose. This trip can be covered in 4 days, 5 days, or even 7-8 days. Usually, the 7-8 day trip refers to a return trip between these destinations. Another popular choice commonly opted for by travelers is the Cairo to Cairo trip, which, as the name suggests, starts at Cairo, covers a lot of historical sites spread across multiple cities and brings you back to Cairo. This tour extends over 12 days and covers a more significant number of sites than the Luxor to Aswan tour. Furthermore, the Cairo to Cairo tour also includes Luxor and Aswan on its route so that passengers can visit all the beautiful sites in these cities as well.

It’s a terrific way to unwind by taking a Nile River Cruise. Cruises that take you out into the Nile River will be full of exciting yet fun times, offering spectacular vistas and an abundance of amenities on board. Many different amenities and activities will be accessible to you, depending on the trip you select. A Nile River Cruise is offered by several companies, giving you a lot of options to find the trip which best matches your needs and financial constraints. The various packages are easily comparable by customers, allowing them to select the best option after doing their research. Travelers can choose from a vast range of options, including luxurious cruises and affordable cruises.

The most popular route involves a boat where tourists can see the stunning country of Egypt. The many historical temples, such as the Temple of Horus, the Temple of Kom Ombo, the Temple of Hatshepsut, and the Temple of Philae, as well as the Valley of Kings, the Valley of Queens, the Unfinished Obelisk, the Temple of Edfu, and many other magnificent structures and attractions. The other popular choice, which is the Cairo to Cairo route tour, includes some magnificent sites as well. Allow your vision to wander as the voyage passes vast desert panoramas, rich farmlands, bustling towns, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites that preserve the past glory of Egypt’s most impressive temples, palaces, and tombs.

The Sphinx and the Pyramids are the only Ancient Wonders of the World that are still standing, King Tutankhamun’s Treasures are on display at Cairo’s Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, the Complex of Karnak Temple in Luxor, and the Necropolis of Thebes is home to Egypt’s most extensive collection of pharaonic tombs. Excursions that are included in every port reveal highlights like these. The Luxor Temple has a sphinx on either side of its road. Discovering Nefertari’s tomb in the Valley of the Queens is a unique chance. As Hatshepsut became the only female pharaoh of Egypt, she built a magnificent temple. It is also possible to tour the Hathor temple at Dendera, the gloomy Aswan souk, visit a locality and school in Nubia and take the journey by horse-drawn cach√© to the Temple of Horus at Edfu’s beautiful waterfront Temple of Isis during these tours. Most of the cruises and ships employ the services of an “Egyptionist” or a learned individual who has in-depth knowledge about Egypt’s past. This individual acts as a tour guide and educates the entire tour group about the history of every single destination that is covered by the tour. It is truly an experience you cannot miss.

Historically, travels across Egypt using the Nile River served the purpose of trade alone. However, that is no longer the case. While the river still plays a vital role as a trade route, the changes brought by introducing Nile River Cruises have massively impacted the Egyptian economy while also acting as an excellent leisure activity and tourist attraction. Given the popularity of Egypt and Nile cruises, the Egyptian economy is only anticipated to boost further with the growing popularity of the Nile River Cruises. Explorers and travelers, both domestic and foreign, should take note of this option to explore ancient Egypt and take advantage of this opportunity in the best way possible. This memorable trip will surely leave you with memories for a lifetime.

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