How To Plan A Hassle-free Holiday In Florida

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At this time of year when Christmas is only around the corner and we’re having to spend hundreds of pounds of novelty presents that are likely to be thrown away within only a couple of months, many savvy UK residents start saving for, and planning their summer holidays. You see, starting this early means you’ll be in the best position to find somewhere a little more luxurious next year, because although Spain is a national favourite, it can get quite boring on your tenth visit, especially when you always stay in the same apartment in Benidorm. With that in mind, maybe you might consider taking a break in America, and if you do that; there’s only one place you should go – Florida.

I’ve been to this state a couple of times in my life, and although I like to try something new every year, I’m actually considering making another trip in 2014 with the family to DisneyLand, and so the information with regards to arranging travel and accommodation in the area is fresh in my mind. Some people think that a break in the US takes considerable planning and a ridiculous quantity of funds, but this simply isn’t the case, all you need is the right advice. So, I’ve written this article today in the hope of pointing you in the right direction and ensuring you have the best time possible in the sunshine state.

Booking The Cheapest Flights

Once you’ve applied for your American visa (which they nearly always accept unless you’ve got a criminal record), it’s time to start thinking about the flights. Now, you might want to wait until the last minute if you want to the best prices, but this is usually unviable for families, so arranging to fly in the early hours of the morning or on specific dates like September 11th is usually the best move. For the obvious reasons, flights on this day to the US are usually sold at around a 50% discount.

Finding The Best Accommodation

Depending on the specific area of Florida you intend to visit, you’re almost definitely best to book online. Apartments for rent in Kissimmee are usually quite cheap if you book in advance, and you’re guaranteed to save thousands on the price you’d pay sleeping inside the DisneyLand resort. Also, opting to book a hotel or apartment away from the coast can be a good move for anyone wishing to save cash. Just be careful to research the area you choose thoroughly, because even Florida has its dodgy neighbourhoods.

Dealing With Transfers

I know from experience that you’re best to leave transfer arrangements until you reach the US. Normally this wouldn’t be good advice, but I’ve heard of so many people who book their lift in advance and pay around £100 to get to a hotel only a few miles away. There will be numerous taxi drivers at the airport and many public transport links outside, and since you know the lingo, you’ve got nothing to worry about them using them.

Well, there you have it my Americano friends. You should now be in the best position possible to book a hassle-free trip to Florida sometime soon.

I hope you have a fantastic time in the sun…

See you soon!

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