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How to Spend Summer in the UK

It might seem like summer is already drawing to a close, but there are lots of things you can still do. Even if the sun is shining where you are, these activities will keep the whole family happy.

Attend an Outdoor Event

Britain is full of festivals and outdoor gatherings throughout the summer, and we’re currently at the peak time for them. But going to a festival doesn’t have to mean trudging through a muddy field of drunken people to watch a rock band play. There are plenty of alternatives to that. You name it, and there’s a festival dedicated to it.

I’m serious, there’s even a UK festival dedicated to garlic. Suffolk is the best place to go to for festivals though. They’re held every weekend throughout the summer, and there’s something for everyone. There are folk music festivals, literary festivals, family fun days, comedy festivals and visual arts events.

Discover Britain’s Heritage

This year is the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, so you could spend your heritage-oriented summer discovering more about the battle. Your first stop should be at the grand Waterloo Chamber located at Windsor Castle. It’ll show you artefacts from the time and teach all you could want to know about one of the most significant battles in history.

If that’s not for you, don’t worry, there are lots of other things you can do. This year, King Richard III’s remains were buried after being found under a car park in Leicester. He died in 1485 and now you can learn about his life and see where he’s buried by visiting the exhibition on show at Leicester Cathedral.

Visit a Traditional Seaside Resort for the Weekend

There are few things more British than a short break by the sea. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like, people flock to seaside locations up and down the country every single year. So it’s something you should do too. As I mentioned, even the bad weather won’t be capable of spoiling your fun!

The greatest seaside location in Britain is undoubtedly Blackpool. People who want to have fun by the sea without having to spend a lot of money head there each and every summer. If you’re thinking of visiting, make sure you get some theme park tickets so you can have at the pleasure beach.

Take in Some Culture

The cultural activities on offer up and down Britain are endless. If you have young children who are fans of the Harry Potter series, why not take them to Durham Castle? The castle is being turned into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for the summer, making it a great cultural day out for the family.

So, that’s the kids’ fun sorted, so what are the options for the adults? It all depends on your interests, but you’re sure to find something that’ll spark your interest. There’s the Cambridge Film Festival that takes place at the end of August – it’s one of the oldest film festivals in the UK now. Or you can watch Shakespeare performed under the stars in Dorset.


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