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International Travel: Top 10 Destinations For Clubbers On Holiday

If you’re the kind of person that likes to party hard whether at home or abroad, there are a number of excellent locales you should consider paying a visit to in 2013.   These travel destinations are not only (mostly) tourist-friendly, they’re also known for catering to vacationers and revelers.  So, if you’re to “get international” and discover how people get down in other places, pack your gear and set sail for one or more of these destinations.

United States, New York

Yes, although NYC has a somewhat mixed international reputation as either one of the greatest places on Earth or the exact opposite, rest assured, this is a party town unlike no other.  In fact, many clubs don’t even open until midnight, and it’s common to see bands of party people traipsing around in the early morning, still livid from a night of dancing and drinking.

England, London

Aside from its long, storied history as one of the bastions of Western Civilization, London is also a major city for clubbers.  Seriously, it doesn’t matter what you’re looking for or what you’re into, London has it all.  From large and epic to intimate and small, there’s at least one club in this city that will perfectly suit you.

Germany, Berlin

Is that Kraftwerk I hear playing in the background?  Before visiting Berlin you should know that there is a very vibrant and dynamic club scene going on there.  Seriously, you never know what venue is going to play host to a wild night of techno in this city; just be ready to party hard all night long.

Holland, Rotterdam

Although Amsterdam is the main event for many people traveling to Holland, one shouldn’t overlook Rotterdam.  In recent years, the place has become a veritable hot-bed of clubbing and art-related activities.  Very trendy and brimming with a slew of awesome clubs to explore and get wild in.

Balearic Islands, Ibiza

Simply put, this place has become something of an international base or HQ for clubbers in recent times.  If you decide to visit, understand that there will be a very high concentration of hip, glamorous clubs as well as alluring people found here.   Also, there’s everything you could possibly want, from smaller venues to mega-clubs.

India, Goa

Although it might be a place that’s mostly hip and hitting its strides during the holidays, when many people pour into the region to celebrate or go on vacation, Goa is a magical party town.  If you’re interested in raves for example, stick to the areas close to the beaches.

Cyprus, Ayia Napa

Although Cypriots are noted to be otherwise mild-mannered, you wouldn’t know that to watch them party.  If you decide to take a trip to Ayia Napa to experience the intense and colorful clubbing atmosphere in Cyprus just be sure that you like to drink.

Spain, Barcelona

Barcelona is known for a lot of things, clubbing being one of them.  The fact is, if you want to have a good time and perhaps even party around the clock non-stop, Barcelona is for you.  There’s plenty to do and see, as well as a great amount of diversity with regards to the various venues to visit.

Greek Islands, Zante

Bars and neon-lit clubs abound in Zante, which is being touted as something of a 2013 party hotspot.  There might not be many cabs or taxis out running around, but there is plenty to drink and loads of people who are ready to party the night away with wild abandon.  If you’re going there be sure to check out at least one UV paint party, hint, hint.

Rhodes, Faliraki

Although Faliraki is known for being stylish, rest assured it is a bona-fide party destination.  There are top-flight clubs and beaches everywhere you look, as well as some truly excellent restaurants.  What makes Faliraki so appealing however is that it possesses a certain “small-town charm”, yet at the same time, is extremely modern and feels like a much bigger location.  If you take a trip here, just be sure to visit Ermou Street, that’s probably where all the fun is.


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