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Looking To Book A Summer Holiday? Try Egypt!


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 When choosing a place for your vacation, you need to put a few things in mind; a place where you can relax, enjoy yourself and experiment new things you wouldn’t normally come across in your own country. That being said; Egypt is a very rich country when it comes to culture, sightseeing and various aspects you’ll experiment during your visit. The following are some of the reasons, why you should definitely pay Egypt a visit before the end of summer 2014.

The People

Turmoil in recent times has seen a drop in tourism numbers in Egypt. But despite some of the negativities, it is still very much a safe place to visit. The Egyptian people are known for a few lovely characteristics. Their sense of humor has been witnessed by many people, even during the harsh revolution. You will find the funniest slogans representing their objections. Truthful, cheerful, great hospitality and always there to lend a helping hand.


If we start to point out the beautiful places and monuments you can visit in Egypt, it’ll be such a long list. Starting off with Cairo, the largest city in the Middle East and Africa, it’s the place where you can enjoy a mix of modern versus ancient. Pyramids, Sphinx, Egyptian Museum, Sakkara, Nile Cruises or Old Cairo – it’s all there ready and waiting for you to explore.

Alexandria is also full of great surprises, and you’re in for a treat if you visit it during the summer, as it’s a hotspot and especially when you travel a few miles further to the North Coast. The drop in tourist numbers means you’ll have more freedom to get to those places you wouldn’t normally get to if it were full of people.


While Egyptians might not see this or admit it at least, but we do have a lot of places for extremely unique shopping. Whether you’re looking for high-end pieces, up and coming designers inspired by their lovely Middle Eastern culture or unique jewellery, you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for.


The atmosphere in Egypt is amazing and always energetic. It’s very warming to see how cheerful and optimistic everyone is.


While Italy has their pastas and pizzas, Egypt do have their own delicious food too. There’s nothing quite like an Egyptian kebab; you won’t find anything else like it in the world.

Breathtaking views

Imagine you’re staying in one of the many exquisite hotels in Egypt, with a Nile view, enjoying your cup of tea in the early mornings and just staring at this incredible scene.

Many of Egypt’s past visitors have described how truly unforgettable that sight was for them when they visited. If your hotel isn’t near the Nile, make sure to walk past “Qasr El Nile” Bridge, which is right beside the world famous Tahrir Square.

So there are just some of the reasons why you should seriously think about visiting Egypt this summer. Despite the negative press surrounding the middle east and parts of Africa at the moment, it’s still very much a safe and friendly place to visit. Not to mention – it’s truly beautiful and spirited at this time of year.

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