Luxury Lodge vs. Luxury Camp – Which one should you choose while on a Luxury Safari in Tanzania?

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From Zanzibar to Tanzania

Booking a luxury safari from Zanzibar to Tanzania’s parks with tour operators as for example Luxuryshortsafari is easily done. You will become convinced by the “luxury” part of the excursion when you travel via the private charter service from the Zanzibar airport amidst all the comfort and facilities!

Staying in Tanzania

Once you have reached your destination, you would need to decide which of the national parks you want to visit and stay while in Tanzania. Regardless of which park you set your sights on, you are likely to find two choices of accommodation. You can decide between staying in a safari lodge or go with a safari camp. If you do not know what makes them so different, the following explanation might help:

Safari Camp or Safari Lodge – which one to choose?

Safari Camps

Usually, a safari camp consists of tents but with varying degrees of luxuriousness. Depending you’re your choice, you can pick from the most basic level, known as rustic, barefoot, or ultra luxury.


Not always the cheapest, they focus on providing access to remote but stunning areas.


Barefoot luxury camps are designed to provide their customers with an authentic safari feel. You can enjoy solar powered appliances and bucket showers during your stay at one!


These present the height of glammed up camping. Enjoy all the modern luxuries if you choose to stay in one of these camps.

Safari Lodges

Four solid walls, bigger size, and amenities, such as air-conditioning, form your  safari lodges. In most cases, they are more expensive than safari camps because of what they have to offer. They can also be divided into several categories, depending on the level of luxury that is being enjoyed. The basic category will feel less personal and intimate but bigger rooms as compared to a safari camp, amazing views, and good value for money. Polished luxury will have a more personal feel but lesser facilities, as compared to the ultra luxury lodges.


Table 1. Summary of Differences between Luxury Camps and Lodges

Luxury Camp
Luxury Lodge
Location Mostly located in areas that are also remote and untouched. Thus, a camp is likely to be self-sustaining and unmanaged. Since customers choose these to enjoy the modern facilities, such as phone reception and internet, lodges will be closer to civilization.
Diversity These will be formed in areas rich in wildlife. That means you can expect the animals to come wandering into the camp.  These are designed to vow the viewers with high profile species, including and especially the Big Five.
Landscape vs. Luxury You can enjoy the amazing views as you travel and while “camping” You will stay in absolute luxury and travel in style.
Extent of the Impact on the Environment Are aimed to leave minimal human impact on the environment, thus will be geared to the sensitivity  of the ecosystem. Based on keeping the customer in luxury while they experience the wilderness.

We hope that this article helps you decide which type of accommodation you want when you are on safari!

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