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Moving to Australia: What You Need to Know

For British people looking to move somewhere abroad, Australia is a very popular destination. If you’ve ever watched Home and Away, it isn’t hard to see why – a great climate, relaxed lifestyle, better quality of life, higher wages, and good looking beach babes and surfer boys. A recent survey even showed that Australia is the number one expat destination for the British, followed by America, Canada, and Spain. Although it’s clear that Australia is a great place to move to, you should still do as much research as you can to find out about the country, lifestyle, living conditions, and job opportunities. Here’s what you need to know if you’re thinking of moving to Australia:

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Australia’s Culture

Within Australia’s laws, all Australian’s are free to express their culture and beliefs, and to participate as they wish to in Australia’s national life. Although this is one of Australia’s laws, everyone must also uphold the principles that support this way of life. For example:

  • Everyone should have respect of equal worth and freedom of an individual.

  • Freedom of religion.

  • Freedom of speech.

  • Equality under law.

  • Equality of men and women

  • Peacefulness.

Television media, and sports such as cricket and rugby play a huge part in Australia’s culture. Swimming, surfing, and fishing are all favourite pastimes because of the glorious Australian climate and plethora of gorgeous beaches.


Australia is an island continent, surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans. Some areas in Australia have a Mediterranean climate; Perth, Bunbury, and Albany for example. Other areas in Australia have a milder climate, like Sydney or Tasmania.

Economy and Jobs in Australia

Australia has low rates of poverty, and is the 13th largest economy in the world. A lot of cities in Australia are also ranked as some of the top cities to live in in the world; Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide to name just a few. The unemployment rate in Australia is low, and there are a number of opportunities out there for people in the I.T, financial, and services sectors.


All non Australian’s who want to come over to Australia need a Visa to stay here permanently. There are a few different kinds out there, depending on your current situation. If you are coming over with work you can get an employment visa, or if you have family in Australia you can get a family visa. Australian citizenship is granted after living there for more than 4 years.

Property in Australia

Before you move it’s vital you research the area you’re planning on moving to, so you can check out the local property market and any land for sale in Australia. It’s totally up to you whether you’d like to buy a property or rent, as there are lots of varying properties available.

Australia could be just the place you’re looking for if you want to start a whole new life. The climate, laidback attitude to work, and beautiful scenery have made it a popular destination for many years – and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon!

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