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National Parks You’ll Want To See In Your Lifetime


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National Parks are one of the greatest gifts that human-kind have made for ourselves. Situated right across the world, they are places of high protection and great beauty. Sometimes for a fee, and sometimes free of charge, we can enter and explore these incredible places.

However, there are a lot of National Parks across the world. There are 59 alone in the USA, with a further 138 in Thailand, 102 in India and 208 in China. So, how do you pick which ones are worth seeing? After all, you’d need a lot of cash and lots of time to see them all.

This article breaks down three, each in different areas of the world, that are well worth your time. Aim to see each in your lifetime, but don’t stop there. One of these alone is sure to give you the National Park travel bug for life!

Table Mountain National Park, Cape Town, Africa



When it comes to visiting National Parks, you may want to incorporate the visit with a wider visit to a new country. Well, heading to South Africa’s Cape Town is a fantastic place to do just this! After all, Cape Town is home to the ever-unique and breathtaking Table Mountain. The mountain is now protected as a National Park, meaning it is in top condition for exploring and hiking with care. Yes, you can hike there, and should always be prepared to. Even if you take the cable car up, there is no guarantee that it will still be working by the time you’re ready to go back down again. So, be prepared for that, and also the fact that the cableway is occasionally shut for necessary maintenance. However, any hassle getting up or down there will be 100% worth it once you see the views over the city below.

Big Bend National Park, Texas, USA


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The United States of America has so many National Parks, it can be hard to know where to begin! After all, many are of equal beauty and vast offerings. However, a good place to start, or to visit if you’ve already done a few, is the Big Bend National Park. It is located in Texas, but borders Mexico (it’s that big!) The park boasts 150 miles of trails, as well as camping and historical spots galore. That’s not forgetting the glorious Rio Grande river that also runs through this park. This Big Bend Guide provides a good starting point for learning more.

Göreme National Park, Cappadocia, Turkey


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National Park novices sometimes wrongly believe that the best sights and views are above ground. However, at the Göreme National Park, this is simply not true. Yes, on the surface, you’ll see enough to blow your mind for life. This incredible landscape is so vast and high, many utilize hot air balloon rides to see it in all of its glory. This alone makes for an incredible sight. However, the area also has some hidden treasures underneath ground level. Namely, 36 underground cities!


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