Top 10 New Cruise Ships In 2024

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A cruise is an excellent way to let off some steam after a difficult year.

Whether you’re looking to escape from modern life or just experience something new, there’s no better way to soak up the sun and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the ocean than by taking a cruise.

As you might expect, there are a ton of great new cruise experiences launching in 2024; we’re most of the way through the year now, so many of the year’s best cruise ships have already revealed themselves.

Here are the top 10 new cruise ships in 2024, whether they’ve already launched or are due to arrive soon!

1. Emerald Sakara

As one of the Emerald Cruises company’s luxury yachts, the Sakara is a beautiful cruise ship, and what’s more, it has that intimate factor for those who don’t want to share their trip with hundreds of other people.

The Sakara’s maximum capacity is just 100 passengers, so you’ll never be travelling with more than 99 other people at any given time. That means you’re getting a smaller, closer cruise experience, and one where the staff will be focused on providing for your every need.

2. SH Diana

The Swan Hellenic Diana is another relatively small cruise ship, although it provides for more guests than the Sakara does. It’s the largest ship in SH’s fleet, but that doesn’t make it any less intimate.

With gorgeous five-star accommodation, a breathtaking Observation Lounge from which you can see the ocean stretching out before you, and lots of entertainment options, you’re bound to find something you love about the SH Diana, even if that’s just relaxing in your cabin and listening to the waves lap against the side of the ship.

3. Oceania Vista

This massive cruise ship comfortably hosts 1200 guests, so it’s not going to be a smaller and closer experience like the two aforementioned ships on our list.

However, if what you want is sheer cruise opulence, then look no further than this beautiful vessel, which boasts great dining options, excellent facilities, and a range of activities to enjoy. What’s more, new stateroom options provide for solo travellers, who are often overlooked when it comes to cruise ships.

4. Seven Seas Grandeur

At time of writing, the Seven Seas Grandeur has yet to make its grand (ahem) debut, but we’re confident that when it does, it will take its place among some of the best cruise ship experiences you can have in 2023.

Launching in November, the Grandeur will accommodate around 750 guests, making it a firm mid-sized cruise ship option for you and your family. It boasts 10 decks from which you can see all kinds of wondrous things, as well as a range of different suites for passengers of all stripes. To put it simply, this will be another top-class cruise option to watch in 2023.

5. Carnival Jubilee

Another cruise ship that has yet to launch, the Carnival Jubilee will make its maiden voyage from Galveston in December 2023, and it’s bound to make a name for itself when it does.

The Jubilee boasts six themed “zones”, each of which provides a different experience for you. Each Zone contains different themed activities for you and your family to enjoy, which is a novel and fascinating way to embark on a cruise. If you don’t mind trying out something fresh and innovative, this will be the cruise for you.

6. Viking Saturn

The Viking Saturn’s big boast is that it houses just 930 guests, which allows it to make landfall in areas where larger cruise ships can’t go due to their size. This means you’ll experience a host of different destinations if you sail on the Saturn.

Its suites have beautiful decor and a range of different features, including premium toiletries, a robe and slippers for your comfort, and more. Destinations include Bergen, London, and Rome, with beautiful routes that take in local architecture and sightseeing must-sees along the way.

7. Explora I

The Explora I made her maiden journey back in August 2023, taking a range of passengers on an unforgettable two-week trip from the peaceful beauty of Copenhagen through to Reykjavik and back.

The ship boasts 461 suites, all of which have a commanding view of the ocean, as well as an experienced captain who knows how to get the most out of every trip. The Explora I also has a focus on sustainability, so you can rest assured that your cruise company is climate-conscious if you sail with Explora.

8. Seabourn Pursuit

The Seabourn Pursuit’s decor might look functional and minimalistic, but don’t let that fool you; this is a ship that’s been designed to the most exacting specifications.

You’ll find plenty to see and do on board, including spacious lounges for relaxing, as well as restaurants for fine dining and plenty of suites to choose from. All in all, this is another excellent option if you’re looking for great cruise ships to sail with in 2023.

9. MSC Euribia

The Euribia is another ship that prioritises the environment and sustainability, with environmental initiatives including a wastewater treatment system and a “wide range of energy-saving equipment”.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you’re skimping on a classy cruise ship experience if you sail on this ship. You can look forward to a sizeable pool, a beautiful LED Galleria, and even a kids’ play area where your little ones can run around and play to their hearts’ content.

10. Celebrity Ascent

Set to sail in “fall 2023”, the Celebrity Ascent is the first cruise ship that boasts two brothers as its captains, and they’re experienced sailors who are ready to make your cruise one to remember.

With more than 30 restaurants, bars, and lounges on board, there are plenty of opportunities to relax on the Celebrity Ascent, and you’ll also find world-class spa facilities here if you want to work on your beauty routine for a while. Make no mistake: this is a superior cruise experience for anyone who wants the best in cruise ship entertainment.

Which cruise will you pick? There are plenty to consider, and if you do proceed, you might want to read about cruise safety tips, especially if it is your first time.

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