Organising A Luxurious Holiday – Without Breaking the Bank

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We all want to take some time out and enjoy a luxurious holiday, however, we don’t all have the bank balance for it. By the time you’ve added in travel, the hotel, the day trips, spending money and pre-holiday shopping, a luxury holiday seems like an unaffordable dream. There are ways of enjoying a luxurious holiday without breaking the bank, however. Here are some of our top tips to organising the holiday of a lifetime, without spending a lifetime in debt.

The Travel

Flying can be pricey, unless you book well in advance or at the very last minute. If you’re not bothered about where you go, and want to get a good deal, then look a couple of days before you want to jet off. This can be risky, however, as you could end up anywhere. If you have a set destination in mind then try to book your flights as soon as possible. The closer it gets to your travel the date the more expensive flights can be, especially if you’re visiting a popular city. Another option is to book an all-inclusive package and just use the flights. If you’re planning on travelling to America, Asia or Australasia then a package deal can be far cheaper than booking flights by themselves. You don’t have to use the hotel that comes with it, and you’ll still save money!

The Hotel

Many people think that luxury hotels are overpriced, but it doesn’t have to be this way. As with the flights, you have two options; book well in advance or right at the last minute. Hotels don’t want empty rooms, and there are plenty of opportunities for you to grab a bargain. Again, this can be risky as you may not know where you’re going to end up. Make sure you shop around and compare the prices of all the hotels in the area, before making a decision. Also use review websites, such as TripAdvisor, to see what people are saying about your chosen accommodation; you may be surprised.

The Day Trips

Unless you’re planning on spending your entire holiday in the hotel, then day trips are going to be a cost that needs factoring into the budget. Make sure that some things you want to do are booked in advance, including hiring cars, excursions and ticket prices. You’ll find that by searching for these costs in advance you can discover deals and vouchers online. Book what you can before you go, and you’ll certainly save extra pennies. Bear in mind that not all day trips are cheaper in advance, so try and do some research before shelling out.

Little Extras

We all spend a lot of money on little extras; before, during and after the holiday. Here are some top tips to cut back on those costs:

  • Make your own travel toiletries – Even buying the small, 100ml bottles can be expensive so see if you have any lying around for gift sets or hotel stays. Fill them up with your favourite toiletries from home and save a packet.

  • Turn off roaming – There’s nothing worse than coming back from holiday to huge phone bills. Make sure you turn off roaming whilst you’re away! You could also let your mobile phone provider know you’re going away, in case they have any special deals for abroad.

  • Remember extra luggage fees on the way back – If you’ve bought everyone a present whilst abroad then make sure your luggage still falls under the airline’s limit. You don’t want to spend an extra wad of cash just to get souvenirs home.

Everyone should be able to enjoy a luxury holiday, at least once in their life. With these money-saving tips, it could be easier than you think. Happy Holidays!

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