Solo Traveling Tips for Females in Dubai

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Solo traveling to Dubai can be an intimidating experience for all travelers, especially women. The region has a hype created that is often misunderstood and is never portrayed as a female-friendly destination. But if you are looking to enjoy a rejuvenating and relaxing holiday, especially while traveling solo to Dubai with buzzing souls, sweeping sandy dunes, intricately decorated mosques, and a sneak peek into the Muslim culture, then Dubai is the perfect destination to get your hands full. This small country has a strong foundation in religion, and many laws and regulations dictate the way the lifestyle revolves around with a strong resemblance to neighboring Saudi Arabia. Dubai has rapidly transformed into a glittering tourist hub within decades, making its exploration even more exciting. We bring some deep insights and traveling tips for solo females in Dubai to help you uncover the best of Dubai.

Avoid any public display of affection.

PDAs can be frowned upon easily even though Dubai is quite modern and forward compared to other emirates. The tolerance for public display of affection is almost nil here in Dubai.

Every region has several useful apps that are synonymous with the region. However, the top apps in Dubai, especially for solo female travelers, are: RTA App for planning your journey using public transport, Dubai Metro for navigating better between the lines, Skype for free video calls, and the Dubai mall is something you just can’t miss as a female solo traveler as there is so much to uncover, and Careem, your cab booking partner.

Dress modestly for any occasion

The Islamic culture can sometimes be conservative, but Dubai is liberal in many ways. Swimwear is perfectly fine on the beach, but once you are out, you must cover yourself completely. Also, when you enter a religious place like a mosque, cover your head, hands, and legs. Dressing aptly and respecting religious values will do you no harm. However, poor dressing and inappropriate attire can easily attract unwanted attention on the road and in these religious destinations.

Drinking alcohol in public

Dubai is very strict about alcohol in public as it is an Islamic state. You cannot even purchase alcohol from a shop without a liquor permit. So if you want to consume alcohol, it has to be within your restaurant, café, or bar.

Enjoy a unique perspective.

Traveling solo as a female traveler will give you a unique perspective compared to your male counterparts. Moreover, as a female solo traveler, you will find it comparatively easy to approach and communicate with other women or even ask for assistance and help.

Explore the exotic beaches for a relaxing time

The beaches are a fun place to relax and enjoy the sun’s warmth. They are free, clean, easily accessible, and perfectly safe for solo female travelers anytime in the day. In addition, the bikini can be donned easily on the beach without restrictions.

Fulfill your shopping and haggling experience at the local souks

The gold, spice, and textile souk are one of the best places to explore the local culture and traditions without compromising on the safety of a solo female traveler. Haggling is so much fun here. Fulfill all your shopping guilt and desires with ease.

Keeping emergency contact numbers handy

You can be assured of negligible crime rates, but always keep the emergency numbers handy with you, especially when traveling solo within Dubai. Numbers like police, fire department, tourist security, Al Ameen, emergency services, ambulance, and air rescue, along with your hotel phone number and address, can help you enjoy your holiday in Dubai.

Obey the traffic rules.

Dubai is very stringent regarding obeying traffic rules irrespective of whether you are driving or a plain pedestrian crossing the roads. Crossing the road when the signal is not green and disobeying traffic laws can be a serious punishment.

Super low crime rates

Dubai is counted among the safest cities in the world and is extremely safe for solo female travelers. The crime rate in the entire region is significantly lower than in many modern and western countries like the USA. So, as a female solo traveler, you can rest assured that you are enjoying a relaxing holiday without thinking or worrying about theft or violence. However, obedience and adherence to defined laws and regulations are considered very seriously in the entire region. 

Uncover major landmarks through Yacht Charter

The Yacht Charter in Dubai is a great way to uncover and browse through all major Dubai landmarks in one go. There are several yachts available that depart from Dubai Marina. You will be served exotic and freshly prepared BBQ while on boarding or during mealtime, along with several other modern amenities that will pamper you to the core.

Using a local SIM card

Safety takes top priority, irrespective of where you are traveling solo. Hence, a local SIM card that will cost you around AED 70 will be of paramount importance in Dubai.

Using public transport

Irrespective of which mode you use – metro, taxis, and buses. All modes are safe to use anytime in the day, especially for solo female travelers. Dressing modestly while traveling in public transport can keep you secure and assured and remove any insecurities within your mind.

Using free WiFi

Many Dubai destinations offer free WiFi services. You can update your Instagram Whatsapp, check for routes on Google Maps, search places, and much more. Unfortunately, Internet calls are not supported using free WiFi except for Skype. All popular video call messages like FB Messenger, Hangout, and Whatsapp are blocked here.

Stay alert and aware of your surroundings.

You may be stared at and frowned upon in several situations, but staying alert and alarmed in all situations gives you the best safety perspective while traveling solo in Dubai.


The United Arab Emirates is among the best, safest, and most liberal Middle Eastern regions. You can get a great experience of the culture and heritage as you interact with local people, customs, and traditions along your journey. There are challenges and benefits in a combined package when you are a solo female traveler in Dubai. It is up to you how you want to turn the tide and break all barriers to enjoy a fun and successful trip.

Author Name: Savita Pillay
Author Bio: Savita Pillay is an educationist turned writer from Pune, India. She is an avid reader, who loves to travel and experiment with various cuisines while on the go.

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