The 2014 Brazil World Cup Travel Guide

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As you are no doubt already aware, the 2014 FIFA World Cup will be held in Brazil.  Naturally, this means that a fairly large number of travelers (Europeans in particular) are going to be descending upon the various venues in the country, many of them having never previously visited Brazil before.  Given this, we’ve thought it prudent to provide readers with a basic “2014 World Cup” travel guide.  This will detail exactly what you need to know regarding everything from lodging options and transportation concerns, to information about the various venues and attractions.  Alright, let’s get started, shall we?

First of all, getting to Brazil is going to be your first objective.  Assuming that you’re flying out of the UK, the trip will take at least 11 hours or so, fyi.  Perhaps the best method of planning such a trip (especially one that comprises travel across multiple areas within a country) is to pay for a packaged excursion.  As expected, there are a number of companies which are offering all-inclusive deals which have been specifically designed for the 2014 World Cup and we recommend that you Google them for yourself and do your own price / feature comparisons.

For all intents and purposes, we’re going to focus on three main stadiums / venues as they are listed to be among the first where the English team will play.  They are:

  1. Manaus (June 15)

  2. Sao Paulo (June 19)

  3. Belo Horizonte (June 24)


The first football engagement is slated to take place at the Estadio Amazonia in Manaus.  As far as the city itself is concerned, it’s one of very striking architecture with a history that spans back to 1669.  In recent times, the place is a veritable hotbed of activity for “eco-tourists” who might be interested in more “natural” amenities.  Most guests might consider booking rooms at either the “Hotel Tropical”, or the “Boutique Hotel Casa Teatro”, both being luxury in their design and appointments.  One of the most interesting facets of this territory is its proximity to ports; meaning, you can take riverboat cruises or even seaplane excursions across the beautiful landscape.  This includes trips to the Mamirauá nature reserve as well, which is often called the largest floodplain in the world.

Sao Paulo

Simply put, São Paulo is one of Brazil’s more impressive cities and the venue for 2014’s World Cup activities will be the Arena De Sao Paulo.  A visit to SP also provides for a nice change of pace apart from Manaus.  It should also go without saying that Brazil’s better football squads hails from here, which is exciting in and of itself for serious fans.  For those looking for a top-notch place to call home for a few days, the “Mercure São Paulo Jardins” is probably your best bet.  Anyone who might be interested in exploring nature can easily find something fun and exciting to do in the adjacent rainforest areas.  Of course if you’re going to visit Sao Paulo, why not explore the city?  There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of things to see and do, so feel free to explore the city.

Belo Horizonte

Last, but not least, we have Belo Horizonte, which to be honest, is a little bit more “bucolic”.  Anyone who’s yearning for a slightly more tranquil setting after a visit to the bustle of Sao Paulo might find BH to be a welcome departure.  Naturally, Estadio Mineirao will serve as the principal venue while you’re there.  In terms of accommodations, those seeking luxury should probably seek out the “Promenade Belo Horizonte Platinum” or perhaps even opt for the hospitality and charm of the “Hotel São Bento”.  All in all, Belo Horizonte is perhaps a Brazilian city that you should explore and enjoy.  There is an assortment of pubs and live music venues to discover, as well as a rich artistic cultural heritage to absorb.

Final considerations

As to be expected, you should take special care when traveling to any foreign country and be mindful of any threats so as to avoid unpleasant incidents.  Additionally, you might want to experience some of the beaches and nature while in Brazil.  All in all, the country possesses a stunning natural beauty that is simply enchanting, to say the least.

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