The Best Golf Travel Flasks For Golf Vacations

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Whoever once described golf as “a good walk ruined” had no idea what they were talking about (and by the way, it wasn’t Mark Twain). Golf can be a wonderful way to enhance a vacation; it’s a leisurely sport that also requires physical prowess, so it’s great if you want to play a little sport but you don’t want to sweat it out too much.

You may even be heading out for a golf vacation soon, or perhaps planning one for next summer. Whatever the case may be, one of the most important things to take with you is a golf travel flask. Staying hydrated while you’re on the course is critical, so here are the best golf travel flasks you can take with you on your golf vacation.


Golf Flask Gift Set w/ “Liquid Confidence” Inscription

This golf travel flask has a fun little inscription bearing the legend “liquid confidence”, just in case you want to put a little something extra in beyond water. It’ll hold 7 fluid ounces of whatever liquid you want to put in it, and it also comes complete with a shot glass and a funnel so that you can pour yourself a drink while you’re on the course (or as a celebration afterwards!). The stainless steel finish looks lovely and works well with any aesthetic you care to pair it with, making this the perfect option if you’re looking to give someone a gift – even if that someone is yourself!


Golf Addict Travel Mug

Are you a golf addict? Is someone you know addicted to this noble sport? If so, this Golf Addict travel mug is the perfect choice for a present. It’s a well-made, classy, and minimalist travel flask that bears a great quote on its side: “the game of golf is the greatest distraction ever created by mankind”. Anyone who’s ever lost hours to a game of golf knows the truth of this statement, so it bears repeating on a travel mug time and time again. This option is ideal if you like to consume a lot of hot drinks out on the course, making it perfect during the winter months!


Grunwerg Insulated Drinkpod Flask

This flask has a slightly more streamlined and minimalist design than the others; it doesn’t have any inscriptions on it, and the only indication of its brand is a small insignia near the top. It’s a super-stylish, sleek affair that works best for golfers who like to keep things simple, and it doesn’t come with any extra accoutrements either; it’s just the golf travel flask and whatever liquid you decide to store in it. Given that it’s insulated, the flask will keep your liquid hot or cold for a protracted period of time, so however you like to drink while you’re on the course, you’re covered.


Gift Base “How To Play Golf” Flask

Like a lot of great golf travel flasks, this one has a fun message on its face. The message lists the humorous steps you’ll go through as you attempt to play golf in the early stages of the game; you’ll swing, swear under your breath, look for your ball, then start the whole process again. Handily, this is also just a great golf travel flask, with two interchangeable lids and a 600ml capacity to keep whatever you need stored and ready. There’s also some fun artwork on the side of the flask to keep your spirits up if you’re having a particularly bad game.


EDSG Personalised Golf Hip Flask 

If you like the idea of a message on the side of your flask, but none of the premade messages on this list appeal to you, then why not make your own? This personalised flask from EDSG allows you to do just that; you can add a custom inscription bearing any kind of legend you want, and it’ll be adorned across the face of the golf travel flask. It’s a perfect gift for any golf lover, and it also comes complete with two glasses and a funnel to help you pour. The construction is solid, but it doesn’t feel heavy to carry, making it ideal for lengthier games and shorter ones alike!


Contigo Byron Thermal Mug

Another excellent, reliable option, this golf travel flask from Contigo has a dishwasher-safe lid and a leak-proof design that means you’ll never lose a drop of your drink, even during the most adverse weather conditions. It’ll hold the heat of a hot drink for up to 9 hours, which should be more than enough to play a few rounds of golf. There’s no legend on this one; it’s a straightforward design simply bearing the company’s logo, ideal for a golfer who just wants to get things done and doesn’t care for adornments or extras. This is a great, no-frills flask with a compellingly minimalist design.


Thermos Stainless King Flask

No list of the best golf travel flasks would be complete without an entry from Thermos, the company that’s so widely renowned that people often refer to any generic flask as a Thermos. This 1.2 litre beast will keep liquid warm or cool for 24 hours, so it’s a real option for marathon golfers who don’t quit until the game is done. It’s also got the traditional ingenious Thermos design whereby the lid is the mug, so you simply twist off the lid and pour your liquid into it, saving space. Make no mistake: few flasks come close to Thermos’ offerings.

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