The Best Places to Buy a Vacation Home

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Many people like to see as much of the world as they can, whenever they can. However, some people quickly discover favorite destinations to which they want to keep returning. If you have somewhere you wish to go back to for all your vacations, buying a vacation home could be an option for you. There are many fantastic places to buy property, no matter what attracts you to the country. You might want to go for the sun or the snow, the food or just the relaxed pace of daily life. If you don’t have any particular location in mind, consider some of these countries as the perfect place to buy.


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You don’t always have to go to another country to find a fantastic vacation home. Buying a property in another state is very popular. It can give you somewhere very different to stay, but it doesn’t have to be too far away. Everyone will speak English, so there won’t be any language issues, especially when you’re buying the property. Where you decide to buy is up to you, but there are some particular favorites among vacation home buyers. People love beach resorts, mountain locations, and country homes. Try Maryland, Massachusetts or California to find your perfect vacation home.


If you want to buy a vacation home, brushing up on your Spanish would be a good idea. Many of the Spanish-speaking countries of the world are popular locations to purchase a vacation home. Argentina is one of those places, with its beautiful landscapes and vibrant cities. If you love wine, or you’re a big foodie, Argentina is definitely the place for you. Meat lovers, in particular, won’t be able to resist the country’s love for barbecue and all things beef. You’ll soon be doing it like the locals. There’s a range of landscapes to choose, from bustling cities to mountains and jungles.


France is another country that offers a broad range of vacation homes and environments. Whether you’re looking for a charming cottage or a luxury villa, you’ll find something that’s perfect for you. You could choose to be on the French Riviera. You could find somewhere remote in the Dordogne, or find a vibrant life in Paris or another major city. It’s easy to find somewhere you love using services like They can help you find the vacation home you’re looking for and assist you in the buying process. You can find an active lifestyle or focus on the food and wine in this beautiful country.



Spain is a great place to snatch up a bargain if you’re looking for a beautiful vacation home. Many people already choose to retire to the country. It’s particularly popular with those from Britain, Germany and other nearby nations. Beginning with a vacation home and transitioning to living there full-time is a popular choice. If you want somewhere you can soak up the sun with plenty of European flavor, Spain could be the right place for you. The different regions have distinctive cuisines to enjoy. The wine scene is booming, and you can find places to enjoy an incredible nightlife.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been named as the happiest place to live in the world. While it has its fair share of problems, it can be a great place to vacation. Anyone looking for beautiful beaches will find plenty of them in Costa Rica. And if you don’t like things to be too hot, you can find more temperate locations. The people in Costa Rica are often hailed as being friendly and welcoming. And there are also plenty of expats. Some of the popular areas include the Central Valley, the Gold Coast, and Arenal.


If you’re not looking for sun and sand, there are still many options to explore. Anyone who prefers snow might find what they’re looking for in Austria. You can live the city life in Vienna or Salzburg, and you won’t ever be too far from prime skiing locations. A charming chalet could be just the place to spend your winter vacations. Or you could go looking for a modern home that has all the conveniences you could ask for. When you are not enjoying winter sports, there’s history, arts and culture, and the outdoors. Austria may not be famed for its food. But you can find everything from tasty sausages to delicate pastries.

If you want to buy a vacation home, you have lots of great countries to choose from. Whether you stick close to home or go further afield, you could find the perfect property for you.

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