The Best Travel Golf Umbrellas For Golf Vacations

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When you’re thinking about taking a golf vacation, the importance of a good travel golf umbrella cannot be overstated. Whether you’re protecting yourself from the elements, shielding yourself from the sun, or simply relaxing in the shade, you need to take a good umbrella with you, because golf courses are rarely sheltered from weather or sunlight. Thankfully, there’s a whole range of excellent options out there, so you never need to be without a travel golf umbrella. Here are our favourite travel golf umbrellas when you’re thinking about heading out on a golf vacation.


Gonex Windproof Golf Travel Umbrella

While this umbrella is a pretty impressive 54 inches across, it folds down brilliantly, meaning it’ll easily fit into your luggage or backpack. It comes in three colours, so whether you want a blue, black, or white golf travel umbrella, Gonex will provide. Its ingenious design comes with vents dotted throughout the surface, meaning wind won’t blow it inside out, and it has waterproof fabric, so you can use it to protect yourself from the rain as well. All in all, this is one of our favourite golf travel umbrellas on the market right now.


G4Free Automatic Open Golf Travel Umbrella

With a 62-inch canopy, this umbrella is perfect not only for shielding yourself from the elements, but also for protecting family members or partners. The button on the handle will automatically unfold the umbrella, so there’s no chance you’ll struggle to use it, which can be an issue with some less well-made umbrella options. Despite the protection this umbrella offers, it’s only 680 grams, so it’ll slip easily into whatever carrying case or bag you want to store it in. If you’re not going to be golfing alone, this is a great option.


Repel Windproof Umbrella

With a brand name like “Repel”, you know this company has its priorities straight. This umbrella comes in a range of wacky and fun colours, so if you don’t like plain black or blue, you’ve got plenty of choice. It comes complete with a wrist strap for ease of operation; if you want to carry your umbrella around with you and don’t want to retrieve it from your pack every time you use it, this feature comes in handy. The canopy isn’t as large as some other entries on this list, but this sturdy, well-built option is a great golf travel umbrella for any golf vacation.


Lama Folding Umbrella

Do you love to golf in the dark (provided you’ve found a course that allows you to play late at night, of course)? If so, the Lama Folding Umbrella is for you. This golf travel umbrella features reflective high-visibility strips so that others can see you in the dark, which is ideal if you’re playing on a dark course. There’s also a rather clever folding mechanism that folds the umbrella inwards rather than outwards, so you won’t get any of your other possessions wet when you store it in your bag. Naturally, it’s also waterproof and windproof.


Keplin Folding Travel Umbrella

This golf travel umbrella from Keplin has a nice feature that we haven’t seen many other umbrellas offer: it’s got a waterproof case to store it in. This means that if your umbrella gets battered by the elements (as many often will), you won’t need to worry about the water damaging or staining anything else you’re carrying. You can simply slip the Keplin umbrella into its accompanying case and let the interior soak up the moisture, meaning your umbrella is safe and ready to use the next time you need it. We’re surprised other umbrellas don’t incorporate features like this, honestly.


Callaway 60” Golf Umbrella

Unlike many of the other options on this list, this golf travel umbrella from Callaway wears its brand identity loudly and proudly. The swish, stylish Callaway logo is emblazoned across the front of the umbrella, lending an air of class and sophistication to your golf game. We’re particularly big fans of the snazzy black and white colour scheme. Although this one doesn’t have any fancy features, it’s certainly a solid option if you’re just looking for a no-frills umbrella that gets the job done.


Lyo & Auris Folding Umbrella

Lyo & Auris’ offering manages to make a fairly low-budget golf umbrella feel like a bespoke option. It comes complete with a professional-looking storage case adorned with the company logo, which also means it makes an excellent gift. The umbrella itself comes with 210T Pongee fabric, so it’s purpose-built to withstand rain, sleet, and other adverse weather conditions. Lyo & Auris also offers a weather app to go with the umbrella (although it’s not a smart umbrella, sadly); using the app, you can get daily reminders to take your umbrella along with you on your golf journey.


NNY Inc Windproof Double Layer Umbrella

Finally, we have a snazzy umbrella that has a clever double-layered design, helping to prevent water damage and, as the Amazon page rather amusingly states, solving a problem that has existed for “over 3000 years” (questionable, but we’ll let it slide). The C-shaped handle is a particularly nice touch; you can carry this umbrella in a comfortable position for hours. The umbrella comes in a range of beautiful designs, again showing that you don’t have to settle for a plain umbrella just because you want to have a golf vacation unimpeded by poor weather conditions.    

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